Reduced overhead TCP communication system

Reduced overhead TCP communication system

  • CN 1,184,576 A
  • Filed: 07/11/1996
  • Published: 06/10/1998
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/15/1996
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. A minimizing by first application transfer of communication linkage from reside at first computer to the method that resides at second application'"'"'s data in second computer, wherein by PERCOM peripheral communication link adopt TCP communication protocol from first computer with transfer of data to second computer, this method comprises:

  • Respond each connection request that first application program sends and in first computer, set up first virtual faucet that receives the request msg that begins by first application program;

    In first computer, set up the first real socket and in second computer, set up the second real socket to connect first computer and second computer by the PERCOM peripheral communication link;

    Each connection request that sends for first application program in second computer is set up second virtual faucet, wherein first virtual faucet of the connection request that sends corresponding to response first application program of setting up in first computer of second virtual faucet;

    To be multiplexed to the first real socket with the request msg that first virtual faucet links mutually;

    Adopt Transmission Control Protocol to be transferred to the second real socket by the PERCOM peripheral communication link by multiplex request msg;

    Receive multiplex request msg from the PERCOM peripheral communication link;

    To carrying out Signal Separation from the request msg that PERCOM peripheral communication receives by the second real socket;

    Request msg after the Signal Separation is offered second virtual faucet of first virtual faucet of setting up corresponding to the request of response first application program;

    The request msg that second virtual faucet is received offers second application program;

    AndKeep the first and second real sockets till the request msg of the request of sending corresponding to first application program of setting up first virtual faucet has been provided for second application program.

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