Magnetic force machine

Magnetic force machine

  • CN 1,194,496 A
  • Filed: 03/24/1998
  • Published: 09/30/1998
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/24/1998
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1. the magnetic force machine is a kind of rotating power machine, partly is made of meront and rotary body two, two partly all contain magnetic pole, bearing supporting rotation on rotary body mat central shaft and two end bearings, its feature contains the rotary body that rotates with magneticaction at it, and magnetic force mechanism has two kinds of situations:

  • (1) magnetic force machine I type structure is a birotor magnetic force machine;

    two parallel both sides that split of magnet cylinder constitute rotary body, and inside and outside, the garden of each cylinder are respectively the heteropolarity magnetic pole, and the polarity of the outer garden of two cylinders magnetic pole is different;

    Constitute meront in the parallel seemingly leg-of-mutton bar magnet in a cross section that is equipped with of a side between two cylinders, this static magnets and two corresponding two sides of magnet garden tube are concaved circular cambered surface, each concaved circular cambered surface is a magnetic pole, and the outer circular polarity of its polarity and corresponding magnet cylinder is different.(2) magnetic force machine II type structure is a single rotor magnetic force machine;

    meront is a cylinder, along being equipped with n magnet round week in it by the excitation winding excitation, rotary body is a cylinder, be equipped with m magnet along its cylindrical, n and m are positive integer, and n=2m+1, the rotary body concentric locking collar is loaded in the meront, rotary body is coaxial to be equipped with a permutator, permutator contains with rotary magnet counts the change of current sheet that m equates, each magnet excitation winding of meront is connected to the DC power supply excitation via brush and permutator;

    When rotary body rotates, several mat converters in n static magnets and the brush excitation of switching on of taking turns, its change of current sheet be provided with must be during the static magnets energising excitation that this change of current sheet connects in, make the magnetic force that staggered between the static magnets of excitation and the corresponding rotary magnet keep angular domain θ

    , be that the corresponding magnetic pole of rotary body is when rotating in θ

    angular domain scope, the excitation winding of the magnetic pole of the Dui Ying meront excitation of switching on just now produces magnetic force with it.

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