Method of discriminating medicinal ingredient of sculellaria barbata

Method of discriminating medicinal ingredient of sculellaria barbata

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  • Filed: 02/19/2003
  • Issued: 06/08/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/19/2003
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1. , a kind of method of differentiating the Sculellaria barbata medicinal ingredient, it comprises the employing thin-layered chromatography, it is characterized in that:

  • get and differentiated medicinal powder 1g, porphyrize, the 20ml that adds diethyl ether refluxed 30 minutes, filter, abandon ether solution, ether is removed in dregs of a decoction volatilization, adds methyl alcohol 30ml, reflux 30 minutes, filter, filtrate evaporate to dryness, residue add water 5ml makes its dissolving, it is put the D-101 that handled well only on the product type macroporous adsorptive resins, use the 40ml water elution, discard eluent, use 20% methyl alcohol 30ml wash-out again, collect eluent, evaporate to dryness, residue add methyl alcohol 1ml dissolving, as need testing solution;

    Other gets standard Sculellaria barbata control medicinal material 1g, makes control medicinal material solution as stated above;

    Get the scutellarin reference substance again, add methyl alcohol and make the solution that every 1ml contains the 1mg scutellarin, in contrast product solution;

    Test according to thin-layered chromatography, draw each 5~

    10ul of above-mentioned three kinds of solution, putting in the same carboxymethylcellulose sodium solution that contains 4% sodium acetate respectively is on the silica gel g thin-layer plate of binder, with ethyl acetate-butanone-formic acid-water, its weight portion ratio is 5;



    1, be developping agent, pre-equilibration 20 minutes launches, take out, dry, the spray with 5% ferric trichloride ethanolic solution, when in the test sample chromatogram with the corresponding position of control medicinal material chromatogram on, the spot that shows same color, and with the corresponding position of reference substance chromatogram on, when showing identical dirty-green spot, promptly differentiate to containing the Sculellaria barbata medicinal ingredient.

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