Noval pipe connector

Noval pipe connector

  • CN 1,209,519 A
  • Filed: 01/18/1997
  • Published: 03/03/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/18/1997
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , the present invention:

  • New-type pipe joint is a pipe joint, and the pipeline that is used for human lives, production, traffic connects, and it is characterized in that;

    the independent use and supporting use two big classes arranged.The independent class of using;

    mesolow straight joint (Fig.

         1) has gripping sleeve (Fig. 4 A1), brake casing, clamping screw or pin, Sealed casing pipe, seal ring, bolt, nut to form.(Figure 1A Figure 1B) has gripping sleeve (Fig. 4 A2), sleeve pipe, brake casing, Sealed casing pipe, seal ring, packing ring, clamping screw or pin to the high pressure straight joint, and bolt, nut are formed.Straight tube shape elbow connection has all other parts of curved head body (Fig. 4 H2) and 2 cover respective type straight joints to form.Casting shape elbow connection (Fig. 2, Fig. 2 A, Fig. 2 B) has 2 cover bolts, nut, 1 other part of other all respective type of cover of curved head body (Fig. 4 H1) and straight joint to deduct Sealed casing pipe and form.All other parts that straight tube shape tee union has three-way body (Fig. 4 S2) to add the corresponding type straight joint of 3 covers are formed.Casting shape tee union (Fig. 3 A, Fig.

         3) has 3 cover bolts, nut, 1 cover, half other part of other all respective type of three-way body (Fig. 4 S1) and straight joint to deduct Sealed casing pipe and form.Supporting use class;

    supporting joint of mesolow (Fig.

         5) and the supporting joint of high pressure, gripping sleeve (Fig.

         7) is arranged, Sealed casing pipe (Fig.

         6) adds independent the use in class mesolow and two kinds of straight joints of high pressure, the corresponding part in addition of except gripping sleeve and the Sealed casing pipe all is formed, can with the straight joint flange of prior art, the elbow connection flange, tee union flange, and the supporting connection of various valve flanges.

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