Huffman decoder

Huffman decoder

  • CN 1,215,647 C
  • Filed: 03/30/1995
  • Issued: 08/17/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/30/1994
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. Huffman decoder is used for receiving length varying coded data and output and the corresponding fixed length code of data in the huffman table reconstruct of selecting according to a table number to select, and this Huffman decoder comprises:

  • First latch is used to store current length varying coded data;

    Second latch is used to store previous length varying coded data;

    The individual event decoder is used to receive word size and exports a selection signal;

    The data request signal generator is used for producing a data request signal when the word size that word size summation back is increased surpasses a preliminary dimension;

    Multiplexer is used to receive the output of described first and second latchs, so that select a predetermined position according to described selection signal;

    The datacycle shift unit is used for according to described word size cyclic shift being carried out in the output of described multiplexer, so that form the data of a reconstruct, and exports the data of described reconstruct;

    The addressing part is used for the data and a predetermined value of described reconstruct are compared and data are deciphered, and the result who deciphers is exported as the address;

    Memory is used to store the size and the fixed length code of described variable length code word, and corresponding described address, reads the sizes of memory of described variable length code word and the fixed length code of storage;

    AndThe table selector selects signal to select a specific huffman table in a plurality of huffman tables according to described table.

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