Centrifugal engine

Centrifugal engine

  • CN 1,218,141 A
  • Filed: 11/15/1997
  • Published: 06/02/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/15/1997
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1. one kind by main frame, institute'"'"'s arrangement on the output shaft:

  • connecting rod, free wheel device, rocking bar, or crank-connecting rod or speed reducer, generator, flywheel, to outer driving medium etc., with the regulation and control microcomputer, storage battery, vacuum pump, the centrifugal engine that housing shroud etc. constitute, it is characterized in that its main frame is an inertia rotors (full name be inertia working body centrifugal force have an effect device) (1);

    it is by the king (8) on the intermediate portion that is contained in the upper ledge (3) of square frame (74) and lower frame (45) by nestable bearing (10), (8) neutral position cycloid umbrella gear (54) with nestable bearing (10) suit, midline position in (10) is on the upper bearing shell of (54) is fixing the radius rod that radius is R (58), (58) fixing the working body that quality is m (13) on the external end head, (8) on, the distance of bottom distance (13) is the L place and is fixing the two radius bar (46) that radius is R, fixing two working bodies (12) that quality is m/2 on its external end head of two, undertaking the starting energy storage of (1), the reverse sync transmission, loss in the running of feedback compensation (1), the umbrella gear group (5) of speed governing be by (54) with (54) identical modulus is arranged, the cycloid umbrella gear (49) of the number of teeth and drive that its awl of two rolls that umbrella tooth idle wheel (51) forms this just cause (49) to equate with the rotating speed of (54), switched in opposite and reverse sync, also cause being equal to (13) indirectly but equate with rotating speed that it is in (12) on the symmetrical position of offside of the axis of symmetry [on the central vertical face of square frame (74)], switched in opposite, the horizontal component of its two centrifugal force that produced offsets mutually, its vertical stress component drop on the axis of symmetry all the time with joint efforts, this just makes guide rod (14) outwards the exporting with joint efforts its vertical stress component that is on the axis of symmetry, when (12), when (13) pendulum revolves, the centrifugal force power of being exported is failed on " output rotor (2) ", when its two " revolving " not when " pendulum ", centrifugal force promptly is applied directly on the bearing, forward to again on carrier chassis or the mounting foundation;

    (51) be contained on the stepless speed regulation motor (52), (52) be contained on the back square frame (55) of square frame (74), (52) with (54), (49) all meshing, all there is " eight " font guide surface the upper and lower frames (3) of square frame (74) and (45), it is two by the accurate guiding of 8 guide roller assemblies (11) institutes, (11) be contained in the hold concurrently top of vacuum sealed cover (57) of frame, the inside of bottom, fixing at the place, neutral position of the front vertical frame (44) of (74) and to justify guide rod (14), (14) fixing baffle plate (42) on, (42) controlled the mode of setting up its output centrifugal force by limit pendulum device assembly (37), (37) by the stepper motor (28) of pressing microcomputer instruction action, be installed in the spiral case (40) on (57), worm screw (65), worm gear (39), prosodetic wall (38), back limit wall (41) is formed, when being used for the driving of rotating equipment, transfer on (38) and (41) all jagged, allow that (42) pass through, make (14) be positioned at can before and after from, position (61 places) by push-and-pull, be used for advancing when driving of vehicle equipment, (38) non-notch, (41) jagged, (12) and (13) only rotate when having enough to meet the need before track half cycle and do not swing, (14) thrust directly puts on the carrier, (12), (13) have enough to meet the need when the track second half, (14) push pull maneuver is through whippletree (16), connecting rod (17), promote to be hinged mutually and be fixed on the forward free wheel device (75) that is loaded on the output shaft (36) and the rocking bar (23) on the reverse free wheel device (80) with (17), to drive output rotor (2) to single direction rotation (62 places), retreat and stop the stopping time when being used for vehicle equipment, transfer and go up jagged in (38), (41) go up unnotched position, (12), freely swing when (13) having enough to meet the need on preceding semi circular path, power is failed on output rotor (2), do not swing when having enough to meet the need on the second half track, directly power is applied to (64 position) on the carrier, when the starting energy storage stage that is used for (1), transfer in (38), (41) on all unnotched position (63 position), this moment, complete rotation track was circular, and the power supply of stepless speed regulation motor (52) is sent a telegram here by battery pack (79), driving regulating controller (43) through stepper motor (28) by the microcomputer instruction finishes, regulated and control the electricity of numerical value, sent through the node structure (53) of the scalable lead of hinge formula rigidity and give (52), output rotor just is equipped with on (2), reverse free wheel device (75), (80), flywheel, drive the cycloid pin gear hobbing wheel set of loop chain rotor (18) (full name is the unidirectional device of having an effect of inertia turnover loop chain centrifugal force), wherein be installed in the big cycloidal gear (24) on the output shaft (36), the pin that is meshing with (24) and be loaded on the horizontal axis (27) that is being installed in the frame vacuum sealed cover (57) with nestable bearing (10) rolls mill pinlon (29), and it connects with magnetic clutch (22) mutually with a vertical sprocket wheel (25) of making driving usefulness, and energising then is integrated, outage then breaks away from mutually, (18) two covers are arranged, one is sleeved on the front side of (36), the rear side of another set of being contained in (36), and it is used to drive vehicle equipment, it can the unidirectional application of force and not by reaction force, it also can use (52) to drive separately, regulate and control sensitiveer, its application that matches with (1), two (22) preceding closing when the driving vehicle equipment advances, the back from, when vehicle equipment is retreated or stop the stopping time (22) preceding from, after close, when sailing by inertial force when capable, before (22), after all from, when wanting (18) stall, use Breake Electromagnet (21), long horizontal Roller Shaft (211), a left side are arranged at the top of every chain link (196) (18), right each one, short horizontal Roller Shaft (a

         198) left side is arranged at the bottom, right each one, the roll sleeve of being adorned with they heads (204) and the big chain plate (209) of vertical sprocket wheel (25), little chain drum (210) is meshed, (196) roll sleeve (204) that vertical up and down Roller Shaft (199) is adorned with they heads and the last chain drum (207) of horizontal sprocket wheel (20), following chain drum (208) is meshed, and each chain drum all is connected with cross pin (189), and top is with the fork plate (203) in left side, match with separately ball groove with the horizontal pin of cross pin and to constitute pearl and encircle little bearing and be connected, matching with separately pearl circular groove groove with the normal pin of the fork plate (190) on right side and cross pin constitutes pearl and encircles little bearing and be connected, and when loop chain (26) is around in horizontal sprocket wheel (20) when going up, the pitch circle of the barycenter circle radius of (26) and horizontal sprocket wheel (20) coincides, each chain link in vertical state at this moment, when (26) were around on the vertical sprocket wheel (25), the barycenter circle of each chain link of (26) dwindled, and the median vertical line of every chain link coincides with the mark of mouth radius of (25), the cross pin of each chain link bottom (189) outwards moves, but swinging fork wrench portion upwards puts;

    The centrifugal force that loop chain produced;

    It from the barycenter radius of horizontal sprocket wheel (20) the quality summation of all chain links on the centroid trajectory semicircle (i.e. the pitch circle of (20)) of R;

    It from the barycenter radius of vertical sprocket wheel (25) the quality summation of all chain links on the centroid trajectory semicircle of r, because the chain number of (20) and (25) is equal even number, so when loop chain (26) begins engagement when last (25), being condensed to radius in its barycenter semicircle is the r barycenter semicircle little than R, so reducing the additional moment of inertia in back, the rotating speed of its barycenter " applies " on (25), just at the same time, (25) offside its its barycenter semicircle of respective link extend out for radius be R, its momentum and rotating speed but to be increased to it not around on momentum and rotating speed when (25), the momentum of its required supply must be gone up " asking for " from (25), execute identical with the time and be on the same target (25) with the amount of getting, so it does not all have the increase and decrease effect to (25) self original momentum and rotating speed, (20) power forward deducts (25) power backward like this, remaining forward unidirectional, equivalent, the power of current stabilization state, it has avoided third law of motion, not by reaction force, unidirectional the having an effect of energy, forward and reverse hysteresis of being sent out than inertia rotors (1), in pairs, equivalence, still the effect of the variate sinusoidal curve power in the third law of motion scope wants big;

    Adorning the rotor of the generator (66) of variable generated energy in the end of output shaft (36), according to needed generated energy with microcomputer sender modulation, the electricity of being sent out is stored in the battery pack (79), for the microcomputer in the vehicle equipment, the illumination in stepless speed regulation motor (52) the vacuum pump carrier and the electricity consumption of equipment, electric performance device such as stepper motor (28), electromagnet (21), the electricity consumption of magnetic clutch (22) etc., when being used for rotary driving equipment, output rotor (2) is all with speed reducer generation, its input shaft connects with coupling is adorning forward and reverse free wheel device and flywheel, the rotating speed of the output shaft of speed reducer equates with the rotating speed that rotating equipment is used, connect with coupling, when being used to drive small-sized low speed rotation equipment, can be with guide rod (14) with connecting rod (125), crank (126) drives output rotor makes it and inertia rotors that same number of revolutions be arranged, with the jack on the crank insertion inertia rotors axle of carrier pulley external end head that has the super-clutch type plug, carry out the hand starting energy storage, idle wheel moves on the side frame that is loaded on " T " word shape square frame (120), feedback is mended consumption with on the feedback change lever of being adorned on the force axle (123) on the guide rod (14) (122), move the fulcrum shaft (124) that is contained on the slide carriage (121) by leading screw (129) accent, (122) external end head is the rocking bar on the free wheel device of being adorned on connecting rod (132) the driving axle of carrier pulley external end head of universal ball joint with two, reaches the purpose that makes inertia rotors (1) speed change with this;

    When being used for the driving of ground and vehicle equipment waterborne such as car and boat, can use " the angle of shift lever arrangement of power in the other direction ", to eliminate the rearward reaction force of executing that when output rotor (2) is gone up energy storage, is produced, when being used on the vehicle equipment, exemplary application " three are used to even power apparatus " makes the power of output uniform and stable, the vehicle equipment of lift-off is then essential uses it, using on the lift-off equipment can be with " gimbal (152) " of the direction of application of force tuning space requirement, for guaranteeing safety, also need use " device of in time changing shifts automatically ";

    The present invention carries out the control of full machine with microcomputer;

    Sensor is sent various data into microcomputer, the microcomputer sender, pass through power interface, start the actuator that respectively should move and in time carry out each regulation and control, microcomputer or regulate and control by the program that prelists, or by the regulation and control of airborne operator'"'"'s button, or carry out remote control by " remote control servo-actuated button pushing device (138) " by the terrestrial operation personnel.

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