Process for fermentative production of deacylated cephalosporins

Process for fermentative production of deacylated cephalosporins

  • CN 1,224,468 A
  • Filed: 04/22/1998
  • Published: 07/28/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/22/1997
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1. method for preparing N-deacylated cephaloporins compounds, it may further comprise the steps:

  • * a kind of microorganism strains that ferments, this bacterial strain can produce beta-lactam and express acyltransferase and ring enlargement enzyme activity and optionally express acetyltransferase and/or hydroxylase activity, in the presence of the side chain precursor material shown in molecular formula (1);

    HOOC-X-(CH 2) n-COOH (1) WhereinN is at least 2 even number, andX is (CH 2) p-A-(CH 2) q, wherein P and q are 0,1,2,3 or 4 independently of one another, and A is CH=CH, C ≡

    C, CHB, C=O, O, S, NH, the N atom optionally be substituted or the S atom optionally oxidized, and B is H, halogen, C 1-3Alkoxyl group, hydroxyl or the methyl that optionally replaces, prerequisite is should satisfy p+q=2 or 3 when A is CH=CH or C ≡

    C, and should satisfy p+q=3 or 4 when A is CHB, C=O, O, S or NH, Be in the presence of the form of a kind of salt, ester or acid amides at this precursor substance perhaps, this side chain precursor material can produce a kind of acyl group-6-APA derivative, and this carboxyl groups is just like the structure shown in the molecular formula (2)HOOC-X-CO- (2)Wherein X as mentioned above,This acyl group-6-APA derivative ring expansion in position forms corresponding acyl group-7-ADCA derivative, and optionally further reacts generation acyl group-7-ADAC or acyl group-7-ACA derivative,* from fermention medium, reclaim acyl group-7-cephalosporins derivatives,* this acyl group-7-cephalosporins derivatives is carried out removal of acylation and handle, and* reclaim the crystallization of 7-cephalosporin compound.

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