Efficient multifunctional composite microbe fertilizer and its industrially preparing process

Efficient multifunctional composite microbe fertilizer and its industrially preparing process

  • CN 1,240,779 A
  • Filed: 07/26/1999
  • Published: 01/12/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/26/1999
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. an efficient multifunctional composite microbe fertilizer is made up of known original strain and matrix adding various trace elements, it is characterized in that, used bacterial classification is based on root nodule bacterium, other mushroom is the composite bacteria of assisting, the i.e. microbial population of forming by two strains or the bacterium more than two strains, wherein the root nodule bacterium composition accounts for 60-95%, other mushroom composition accounts for 5-40%, as the main body mushroom and be that the symbiotic nitrogen fixation utmost point knurl mushroom that extracts from leguminous crop can be a rihizobium japonicum, peanut, mung bean, Semen Ormosiae Hosiei, Striped Crotalaria Herb, cowpea rhizobium, rhizobium leguminosarum, rhizobium phaseoli or French beans root nodule bacterium;

  • As complementary mushroom can be azotobacter, actinomycetes, blue bacterium, bacillus megaterium, bacillusmusilaginosiengineering or endophyte;

    Can adopt peat soil (or being referred to as brown coal, mud coal, peat or the peat composed of rotten mosses), sugar refinery'"'"'s sugar mud, sludge of sewage treatment plant, rivers,lakes and seas mud as the matrix that absorbs bacterium liquid, or in these matrix two or more mixed use;

    Contain the necessary various trace elements composition of plant-growth, its content range is as follows in PPM;

    lithium 0.05-10, boron 0.1-15, magnesium 5015, silicon 5-15, sulphur 10-30, calcium 30-100, titanium 0.1-3, iron 50-100, copper 5-15, selenium 0.1-3, molybdenum 0.5-5, thorium 0.05-5, beryllium 0.03-8, sodium 5-30, aluminium 0.5-5, phosphorus 0.5-5, potassium 5-30, vanadium 0.1-3, manganese 0.5-5, cobalt 0.1-3, zinc 10-30, zirconium 0.1-3, cerium 0.01-2, gold 0.01-0.03, these compositions can be by quantitatively adding the zeolite powder that one or more are mixed toward matrix, vermiculite power, the fine coal ashes, slag powders, smelt ground-slag, mineral compositions such as sepiolite powder, or the artificial solid chemical compound or the aqueous solution that past matrix adds the respective element composition obtain.

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