Method of transmitting data in communicating system

Method of transmitting data in communicating system

  • CN 1,252,960 C
  • Filed: 01/15/2001
  • Issued: 04/19/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/14/2000
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. method of transferring data in the communication system (300), each system comprises at least one channel (10), described channel (10) comprises dispensing device (20), receiving system (40) and is used for data are sent to the data link (30) of described receiving system (40) from described dispensing device (20) that described method comprises the steps:

  • (a) in described dispensing device (20), payload data and overhead data are made up, so that be formed for being sent to the collective data (600) of described receiving system (40) at described dispensing device, described collective data (600) is divided into frame structure, and wherein said overhead data figure place is fixed with the ratio of described payload data figure place;

    (b) by described conveyer (30) described collective data (600) is sent to described receiving system (40) from described dispensing device (20);

    (c) receive described collective data (600) at described receiving system (40), described collective data is decoded so that separate described overhead data and described payload data in described receiving system (40), and explain described overhead data, so that in described system (300), control and manage described payload data, andIt is characterized in that;

    described dispensing device (20) can be with bit data speed R AProduce described collective data (600), this bit data speed R AReceive bit data speed R than described payload data at described dispensing device (20) pA big factor (R p+ R o)/R p, R wherein oBe for producing the bit data speed that described collective data (600) adds described overhead data in described dispensing device (20).

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