Magnetic suspension equipment and its control system

Magnetic suspension equipment and its control system

  • CN 1,267,121 A
  • Filed: 04/07/2000
  • Published: 09/20/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/07/2000
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , a kind of magnetic levitation system and control system thereof comprise holder (2), buoyancy aid (3), base (4) and electronic circuit (5), it is characterized in that:

  • Holder (2) is supported an electromagnetism box (1), is vertically laying by a clavate ferromagnet (11) in this electromagnetism box (1) and is enclosed within the electromagnetic device A that its outer coil (12) constitutes;

    Said base (4) table top is equipped with central sensor L, departs from its position independence and deflecting force generator P and magnetic induction sensor Z closely are installed;

    The upper surface of this buoyancy aid (3) that passes at said buoyancy aid (3) center of gravity line and the position of lower surface are installed permanent magnet B and permanent magnet C respectively, depart from the symmetric position of the suitable distance of permanent magnet C in buoyancy aid (3) lower surface permanent magnet D and permanent magnet E are installed respectively;

    When buoyancy aid (3) go up permanent magnet B be subjected to electromagnetic device A attraction and when unsettled, above-mentioned installation should make electromagnetic device A, permanent magnet B, permanent magnet C and central sensor L all be positioned on the center of gravity line of buoyancy aid (3), and the centre distance between permanent magnet D or E and the permanent magnet C should equal the centre distance between deflecting force generator P and the central sensor L, and deflecting force generator P and magnetic induction sensor Z are close, promptly all should be simultaneously in the magnetic action scope of permanent magnet D or E;

    Said electronic circuit (5) includes DC power supply (51), governor circuit (52), lock-out pulse deflection circuit (53), temperature-compensation circuit (54), feel compensating circuit (55).

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