Electrically heated window

Electrically heated window

  • CN 1,270,584 C
  • Filed: 01/29/1997
  • Issued: 08/16/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/30/1996
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. be used for making the method for electrically heated window, its part process is finished on a kind of like this device, this device comprises that one can and be used for supporting the annular bearing surface of intermediate layer material around a rotation, and one be used for suppling wire and the wiring frame of conductor laying on intermediate layer material, the wiring frame of bearing-surface can be done relative motion on the direction that is parallel to above-mentioned axle, manufacture method may further comprise the steps:

  • A slice intermediate layer is positioned on the bearing-surface and is fixed;

    Bearing-surface is rotated;

    In the rotation process of bearing-surface, utilize the wiring frame to lay lead, it is contacted with intermediate layer material, thereby can on intermediate layer material, constitute continuous loop;

    When having laid the lead of the required number of turns, make the bearing-surface stall;

    This manufacture method is characterised in that;

    Cut off loop along the direction that is parallel to axle, thereby loop can launch to become a smooth lead row,Remove the intermediate layer of wiring and be lead row arrangement electrical connector from bearing-surface, andSheet of interlayer material is packed in the laminated glass pane,Wherein, the process of laying lead comprises;

    Make bearing-surface and wiring frame reciprocating mutually on the direction that is parallel to above-mentioned axle, and match with the rotation of bearing-surface, thereby lay wire array on intermediate layer material, wherein at least a portion lead extends along non-circular arc line.

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