One-step method for preparing insolubility sulfur

One-step method for preparing insolubility sulfur

  • CN 1,270,966 C
  • Filed: 04/24/2003
  • Issued: 08/23/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/24/2003
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1. , the one-step preppn process of insoluble sulphur is characterized in that comprising following operation:

  • A. the sulphur raw material fusing of heating;

    the sulphur raw material is placed the still of heating (1), and heating to 500 ℃

    -700 ℃

    makes it be molten into the liquid gaseous sulfur;

    B. dithiocarbonic anhydride cooling extraction;

    being 500 ℃

    -700 ℃

    liquid gaseous sulfur and continuous round-robin temperature with temperature feeds synthesizer (2) simultaneously for-10 ℃

    -0 ℃

    low temperature carbon bisulfide, low temperature carbon bisulfide cools off high temperature liquid gaseous sulfur suddenly and the molten solubility sulphur of getting wherein, obtains the insoluble sulphur of refrigerative;

    C. dry;

    that chilled insoluble sulphur among the operation b is fed drying machine (3) simultaneously together with the molten dithiocarbonic anhydride of getting solubility sulphur, not open close 50 ℃

    of-80 ℃

    of hot-fluids are isolated and are heated insoluble sulphur drying in the heat flow tube of drying machine (3), the dithiocarbonic anhydride that meanwhile contains solubility sulphur is discharged from the liquid discharge pipe of drying machine (3), stays insoluble sulphur;

    The dithiocarbonic anhydride that contains solubility sulphur of discharging from drying machine (3) enters reprocessor (5), after manipulation of regeneration reclaims solubility sulphur, enter cryogenic unit (6) and be cooled to-10 ℃

    -0 ℃

    , synthesizer (2) internal recycle that turns back to operation b uses and cools off extraction;

    D. pulverize;

    with the insoluble sulphur stripping and slicing of operation c gained, enter pulverizer (4) and pulverize, sieve then, obtain insoluble sulphur finished product.

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