Method and device for demodulating signal transmitted by multi carrier

Method and device for demodulating signal transmitted by multi carrier

  • CN 1,284,339 C
  • Filed: 10/05/1995
  • Issued: 11/08/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/05/1994
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1. one kind is abutted against the demodulating equipment that the transmitting-receiving feed signals is come demodulation transmission data, the predetermined bit of wherein said transmission data is used as modulation code, modulation has some carrier waves of different frequency and the modulation signal that scheduled time waveform and its modulation code are made up of predetermined bit is multiplied each other, and said demodulating equipment comprises:

  • Sample circuit is used for corresponding to timing place of modulation code sampling received signal and export a received signal through sampling;

    Demodulator circuit, the received signal of the described sampling by the output of the described sample circuit of frequency analysis is come demodulating data;

    Data holding circuit is used for the receiving signal delayed scheduled time that is equivalent to a modulation code cycle with the described sampling of described sample circuit output;

    The correlation testing circuit is used to detect the correlation between the received signal of being exported by the described received signal and the described data holding circuit of described sample circuit output that is delayed;

    Integrating circuit is used for the signal that the described correlation testing circuit of integration is exported;

    The peak identification circuit is used to discern the peak of the signal of described integrating circuit output, wherein according to the peak information of described peak identification circuit identification come in the process of demodulation received signal, to implement one relevant;

    The phase information identification circuit is used to discern the phase place of the peak of peak identification circuit identification, the wherein frequency shift (FS) that comes corrected received signal according to the phase place of phase information identification circuit identification;

    Devision device divided by a scheduled time that the is equivalent to the described modulation code cycle described phase place of standardizing, and is controlled the frequency of oscillation of described frequency oscillator by the phase place that will be discerned by described phase information identification circuit according to normalized phase place;

    Frequency generator is used to respond by the process of the devision device output resulting value of being divided by and comes correcting frequency shift.

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