Electromagnetic valve solenoid coil

Electromagnetic valve solenoid coil

  • CN 1,288,374 C
  • Filed: 08/12/2002
  • Issued: 12/06/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/13/2001
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. electromagnetic valve solenoid coil, it is mounted in the solenoid valve, drives the solenoid that runner switches the valve member of usefulness, it is characterized in that,Have:

  • have the center hole that on axial direction, extends, and on periphery, twining the coil rack of the non magnetic system of coil;

    The magnetic shell, it has the side wall portion that covers this coil rack side, be formed on an end of this side wall portion and cover the end wall of the end face on the above-mentioned coil rack axial direction;

    Have the center hole that is connected coaxially with the center hole of above-mentioned coil rack, and the annular magnetic gonosome plate that on one side of the other end of this coil rack, links up with above-mentioned magnetic shell;

    And the movable core that can be received and kept, with in the center hole of above-mentioned coil rack and magnetic plate, moving freelyThe end wall double as fixed iron core of above-mentioned magnetic shell on the part of the center hole of the above-mentioned coil rack of covering on this end wall, has the magnetic pole strength that is used for directly holding above-mentioned movable core,The side wall portion of above-mentioned magnetic shell and end wall are formed as one, have homogeneous thickness as a whole, the magnetic pole strength of this end wall, the end face of directly being inhaled the above-mentioned movable magnetic core on this magnetic pole strength are smooth simultaneously.

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