Retroviral protease inhibitor combinations

Retroviral protease inhibitor combinations

  • CN 1,290,500 C
  • Filed: 06/02/1995
  • Issued: 12/20/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/03/1994
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the combining form of a medicine comprises first and second kinds of retroviral Protease inhibitors, and wherein said first and second kinds of retroviral Protease inhibitors are selected from:

  • N-(2 (R)-hydroxyls-1 (S)-(2, the 3-indanyl))-2 (R)-benzyl-4 (S)-hydroxyl-5-(1-(4-(3-pyridylmethyl)-2 (S)-N '"'"'-(tert-butylamine acyl group)-piperazinyl))-pentanamide;

    The N-tert-butyl group-decahydro-2-[2 (R)-hydroxy-4-phenyl-3 (S)-[[N-(2-quinoline acyl group)-L-N base] amino] butyl]-(4aR, 8aS)-isoquinolin-3 (S)-amide;

    (2S, 3R, 4S, 5S)-2,5-two-[N-[N-[N-methyl-N-(2-picolyl) amino] acyl group] valyl] amino]-3,4-dihydroxy-1,6-diphenyl hexane;

    (2S, 3S, 5S)-and 5-[N-[N-[N-methyl-N-[(2-isopropyl-4-thiazolyl) methyl] amino] acyl group] valyl] amino]-the 2-[N-[(5-thiazolyl) methoxycarbonyl group] amino]-3-hydroxyl-1,6-diphenyl hexane;

    [2R-hydroxyl-3-[[(4-aminophenyl) sulfonyl] (2-methyl-propyl) amino]-1S-(benzyl) propyl group] carbamic acid-3S-tetrahydrofuran ester;

    The N-tert-butyl group-decahydro-2-[2 (R)-hydroxyl-4-(thiophenyl)-3 (S)-[[N-[(2-methyl-3-hydroxy phenyl) acyl group] amino] butyl]-(4aR, 8aS)-isoquinolin-3 (S)-amide;

    [4R-(4 α

    , 5 α

    , 6 β

    , 7 β

    )]-1,3-two [(3-aminophenyl) methyl] six hydrogen-5,6-dihydroxy-4,7-two (benzyl)-2H-1,3-diaza 


    N-[2R-hydroxyl-3-[[(1,3-benzo dioxolanes-5-yl) sulfonyl] (2-methyl-propyl) amino]-1S-(benzyl) propyl group]-2S-[[pyrrolidine-1-yl) acetyl group] amino]-3, the 3-amide dimethyl butyrate;

    N-[2R-hydroxyl-3-[(2-methyl-propyl) [(1,3-benzo dioxolanes-5-yl) sulfonyl] amino]-1S-(benzyl) propyl group]-2S-methyl-3-(mesyl) propionic acid amide.;

    [1S-[1R *(R *), 2S *]]-N-[2-hydroxyl-3-[N 1-(2-methyl-propyl)-N 1-(4-methoxybenzene sulfonyl) amino]-1-(benzyl) propyl group]-2-methyl-3-mesyl) propionic acid amide.;

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