Apparatus for isolating or testing a pipe segment

Apparatus for isolating or testing a pipe segment

  • CN 1,291,221 C
  • Filed: 09/23/1999
  • Issued: 12/20/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/23/1998
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. isolate and test has the device (400) of the section of a pipe of internal diameter for one kind, said apparatus comprises:

  • A) tubular body (404), it has the right circumferentia of opposite face and determine a recess (417) on its periphery;

    B) a pair of backstop (401,407), each above-mentioned backstop (401,407) are positioned on the opposite end of tubular body (404) and are coaxial with it;

    C) a pair of flexible annular element (403,406), they should be respectively coaxially and be placed between each above-mentioned backstop (401,407) and the above-mentioned ring surface;

    D) propulsion plant (414,402,408), be used for pushing backstop (401,407) to above-mentioned tube-like piece (404) respectively, make above-mentioned elastic component (403 thus,

         406) inside surface of radial and outward deformation, the above-mentioned pipe that reclines, thus seal between them, formed, thus when said apparatus (400) uses, between the inside surface of the recess (417) of above-mentioned tubular body (404), pipe and above-mentioned elastic component (403,406), determine the tubular space of one first sealing;

    E) device (405,409,416), in order to fluid is introduced above-mentioned tubular space, the device of wherein above-mentioned introducing fluid comprises the first passage (405 of above-mentioned fluid being introduced tubular space,

         409) and be used for from the tubular space discharged air or allow above-mentioned fluid by tubular space round-robin second channel (405,416);

    F) snorkel (418) that passes said apparatus (400) is used for providing UNICOM between the inner segment of the above-mentioned pipe on the opposite end of said apparatus (400);

    Wherein said apparatus (400) comprises that also one is passed tubular body (404) and paired backstop (401,407) axle (402), above-mentioned axle (402) has first and second ends, first backstop (401) of above-mentioned paired backstop is fixed to first end of above-mentioned axle (402), and wherein above-mentioned propulsion plant (414) is located on second end of above-mentioned axle (402);

    Wherein second backstop (407) of above-mentioned paired backstop comprises a sleeve (408) that installs on it, above-mentioned sleeve extends in the part top of above-mentioned axle (402) and is positioned between above-mentioned propulsion plant (414) and above-mentioned second backstop (407), the diameter of above-mentioned sleeve (408) is greater than the diameter of axle (402), between sleeve (408) and axle (402), form second tubular space thus, above-mentioned second tubular space and device (405) fluid communication of introducing fluid, its above-mentioned sleeve (408) comprises to be used so that fluid passes through the inlet (409,416) of above-mentioned second tubular space.

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