Improved structure of soft tube lamp

Improved structure of soft tube lamp

  • CN 1,295,459 C
  • Filed: 03/31/2004
  • Issued: 01/17/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/14/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a tube lamp improvement is characterized in that:

  • compriseOne heart yearn, strip shape body by a prefabricated length of flexiplast extrusion molding, cross section one side of this strip shape body, be provided with at least 2 copper twisted wires at interval in the upper and lower, this copper twisted wire longitudinal extension and strip shape body equal length, opposite side at this strip shape body cross section is provided with the transverse holes parallel with this copper twisted wire, and a plurality of transverse holes are evenly distributed on the entire longitudinal length of strip shape body with prefabricated spacing;

    A plurality of LED bulbs, connect mutually, and be connected in series mutually by the lead-in wire that connects on the LED bulb conductive feet with at least one current-limiting resistance, the head end of this LED Series lamp string and terminal lead-in wire and the copper twisted wire in the above-mentioned heart yearn are electrically connected, and being connected in series of described a plurality of LED bulbs, current-limiting resistance and lead-in wire thereof a little correspondingly filled in a plurality of transverse holes in the above-mentioned heart yearn;

    One astigmatism body, for being used to spread the milky opaque body of LED light, this opaque body is predetermined altitude and preset width, described astigmatism body is arranged on a plurality of LED bulbs top, the equal in length of its length and heart yearn;

    One clad, by one of flexiplast extrusion molding be used to coat above-mentioned heart yearn, astigmatism body and a plurality of LED bulbs, with the clad of above-mentioned heart yearn equal length, this clad what be positioned at LED bulb irradiation top partly is the semicircle curved surface of a simulate neon light glass tubular light-emitting area;

    One joint is arranged on the junction of the supply lines of the head end of above-mentioned heart yearn and clad and power supply, in order to the plastic shell that is electrically connected of the supply lines that coats described copper twisted wire and power supply.

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