Game machine and controlling method thereof

Game machine and controlling method thereof

  • CN 1,300,021 B
  • Filed: 12/13/2000
  • Issued: 04/14/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/13/1999
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1. game machine comprises:

  • The card display unit shows a plurality of symbols demonstrations are become rectangular card with area arrangement on image display device;

    Symbol display unit is selected the optional sign specify number from the assemble of symbol of being made up of the symbol of defined amount, and these symbols are disposed at above-mentioned symbol show and be presented on the above-mentioned card after in the zone;

    The effective coverage display unit shows that the zone with appointment in the middle of the zone is set at the effective coverage to above-mentioned a plurality of symbols, and makes the demonstration metamorphosis of this effective coverage on card;

    Select the unit, randomly and in accordance with regulations number of times is selected symbol arbitrarily from above-mentioned assemble of symbol;

    Significant character change display unit being compared by the above-mentioned symbol of selecting on selected symbol in unit and the above-mentioned card, is appointed as significant character to consistent symbol, and makes the demonstration metamorphosis of this significant character on card;

    Row move operation unit by response player'"'"'s indication, makes the symbols that is configured in the symbol that forms certain delegation move circularly in the ring of end in the above-mentioned card of this row and other end imagination ground be combined into and be configured again;

    Whether judgement unit is differentiated the elected condition of stipulating in certain delegation of above-mentioned card and is set up;

    AndReturn the unit, under the condition of returning of regulation, return to the player according to the differentiation result of above-mentioned judgement unit,Wherein when the promotion condition of afore mentioned rules is set up, by above-mentioned when selecting the selected symbol in unit and being configured on the above-mentioned effective coverage, with than the condition of returning of afore mentioned rules more advantageous conditions return to the player.

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