Air conditioner for vehicle

Air conditioner for vehicle

  • CN 1,300,254 A
  • Filed: 04/10/2000
  • Published: 06/20/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/09/1999
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. vehicle air conditioner, it comprises:

  • An air-conditioning unit, it is equipped withAn inner/outer air bellow, this air bellow are provided with an inner/outer air switching air door, and an inner air intake and an extraneous air intake are arranged in this air door, and they are used for introducing selectively inner air or extraneous air,A supply ventilating fan, it is provided with one and sucks the air of introducing and it is blowed to the supply ventilating fan fan in downstream,A cooling vessel, it is equipped with one at cooling system conditioner with carry out the evaporator of interchange of heat between by the air of its introducing,A heater core, it is located in the temperature booster of the air that adds this temperature booster introducing of over-all heat transfer,An air-blending air door, it regulates the windstream of introducing by heater core, andA plurality of outlets, these outlets are opened on a casing and each outlet all is provided with air door;

    The import of a plurality of circulation inner airs, the diverse location place in vehicle is opened in these a plurality of imports, and they link to each other with the inner air intake by airduct;

    A cooling system, it is equipped with;

    A compressor that is used for the compressed gaseous refrigerant,One be used for condensation high-pressure gaseous cooling system conditioner and with extraneous air carry out interchange of heat condenser andAn expansion valve that is used for the liquid cooling system conditioner of High Temperature High Pressure is transformed into the low-temp low-pressure liquid coolant,This cooling system provides the low-temp low-pressure liquid coolant to evaporator;

    A heating system, it is used for engine cooling water is guided to heater core;

    AndA controller, it is used to control the operation of air-conditioning unit, cooling system and heating system.

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