Method and circuit arrangement for the realization of the higher path adaptation function in synchronous digital hierarchy equipments

Method and circuit arrangement for the realization of the higher path adaptation function in synchronous digital hierarchy equipments

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  • Filed: 12/01/1994
  • Issued: 04/25/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/22/1993
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1. method that in synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) equipment, realizes high path self adaptation (HPA) function, this method is according to the variation of writing frame management component pointer (AU pointer) value, and depend on the mutual alignment of incoming frame and output frame, change the adjustment moment of reading frame accessory (TU pointer) by regulating the decision threshold of adjusting moment, wherein this method comprises the following steps:

  • A) arbitrary fixing value is included into management component'"'"'s pointer of reading frame;

    B) provide phase error as going out the write address that 1 byte samples corresponding to write or read and reading poor between the address;

    C) select one to read or write frame, with respect to its sampling at step b) in the sampling phase that defines poor;

    D), define one at step c to each accessory) in the selecteed frame and all be the decision-point that equates to all accessories;

    E) at d) decision-point on calculate phase error;

    F) under the situation that is not having to adjust, each is write the value defined of management component'"'"'s pointer at e) in the phase difference of the calculating static phase value that must have;

    G) analyze the write and read moment lie in each write and read frame with the dynamic band that obtains memory and those values of writing management component'"'"'s pointer, make and write a kind of discontinuity of generation in the dynamic band that management component is filled in memory;

    H) being defined in which phase difference regional and that with which kind of method calculate in step e) should have one to be different from the defined value of step f), so that the noncontinuity that can compensate in step g) in advance to be mentioned, therefore, at g) described in management component fill and can not cause more byte of storage in memory;

    I) be two threshold values of filling definition of the static phase of step f), be respectively positive and negative;

    L) with step h) change be applied to step I) the position of threshold value on, therefore, in the zone of this change, produce reading the request that accessory is filled, thereby compensated step g in advance) discontinuity, described request is at step h) the position in the phase error calculated in step e) move;

    M) definition memory capacity, as the static band of definition, in step I) threshold value between hysteresis and allow that allowing to write accessory fills result positive or negative required tolerance limit sum, thereby eliminate the dynamically influence of band.

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