Method and device for coating support using crosslinkable polysiloxane composition

Method and device for coating support using crosslinkable polysiloxane composition

  • CN 1,354,697 A
  • Filed: 02/21/2000
  • Published: 06/19/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/19/1999
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. the continuous coating process of the flexible parent metal bar of an operation, this method provides tangible improvement aspect coating quality, and provide required quality finished product to produce excellent uniformity, described coating utilizes polysiloxane composition to finish, described composition comprises:

  • at least a polysiloxane A, at least a catalyst C that can carry out crosslinked crosslinking agent B and effective dose by hydrosilylation and/or dehydrogenation polycondensation, it is characterized in that described method mainly is following steps;

    By-in the time can preparing pre-composition, prepare at least a pre-composition AB and/or AC and/or BC, and/or by utilizing pre-composition AB ,-selection mixing condition is mixed continuously with metered amount, particularly, have POS (s) A of active group RGa and have crosslinking agent B and the catalyst C of active group RGb, thereby form uniform mixture, described mixing condition will cause;

    * the bath life-span (BLT) 30 ℃

    the time in 1 hour to 24 hours scope,* bathe uniformity and comprise at least one basic Gaussian peak with differential scanning calorimetry DSC mark and show and be as the criterion that wherein, the peak initial temperature is T1, the peak maximum temperature is T2, and the peak terminal temperature is T3, and this peak is characterised in that;

    I-T3 in 110 ℃

    to 200 ℃


    T=T3-T1 in 20 ℃

    to 100 ℃






    T (reference value) ±

    10 ℃

    T (reference value) is equivalent to T3 (reference value)-T1 (reference value), and this value is obtained by the DSC marker peak of reference ABC mixture, described with reference to mixture according to method Pr preparation,* the production flow of homogeneous mixture is as the criterion with following condition;

    be less than or equal to BLT from the duration d that particularly component A, B and C is put together when the uniform basic mixture of ABC particularly is applied on the base material bar of operation, this flow value may be between the value of the value that is equivalent to be coated with the wear rate of mixture on the position and definite surge tank formation2. simultaneously or in other mode, with directly from the delivery of composition of the homogeneous mixture form of blender to being coated with the position,3. be coated with the base material bar of operation with composition,4. it is crosslinked that composition is taken place.

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