• CN 1,370,046 A
  • Filed: 08/11/2000
  • Published: 09/18/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/18/1999
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. the compound or its salt of general formula I or II is as the application of killing the phytopathogenic fungi agent Wherein A 1Be 2-pyridine radicals or its N position oxide, they can be replaced by maximum 4 groups separately, and having one in these substituted radicals at least is alkylhalide group;

  • A 2Be heterocyclic radical or carbocylic radical, each group can be substituted;

    R 1And R 2Can be identical or different, expression R b, cyano group, nitro, halogen ,-OR b,-SR bThe maybe amino that can be optionally substituted, perhaps R 1And R 2Can form with the carbon that they connected can substituted 3,4,5 or 6 yuan of carbocyclic rings or heterocycle;

    R 3Be R b,-OR bOr-N (R b) 2, cyano group, the N-iminomethyl or the nitro that replace, perhaps R 3And A 2Form 5 or 6 yuan of rings with atom with their interconnection;

    L is-C (=X)-or-SO 2-, wherein X is oxygen, sulphur, N-OR b, N-R bOr N-N (R b) 2Y be halogen ,-OR b,-SR b,-N (R b) 2,-NR b(OR b) or-NR bN (R b) 2R bCan be identical or different, expression alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, carbocylic radical or heterocyclic radical, each group can be substituted;

    Perhaps represent hydrogen or acyl group, perhaps two adjacent R bGroup can form 5 yuan or 6 yuan of rings with the atom with their interconnection;

    But work as A 1Be 2-pyridine radicals, R 1Be hydrogen, R 2Be hydrogen, the alkyl that can be optionally substituted or acyl group, L be-C (=X)-or-SO 2-, X is oxygen or sulphur and R 3Be hydrogen maybe can be optionally substituted alkyl the time, A 2It or not the phenyl that can be optionally substituted.

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