Process for smelting and processing Mg-alloy particles used for thixotropic injection moulding

Process for smelting and processing Mg-alloy particles used for thixotropic injection moulding

  • CN 1,379,118 A
  • Filed: 12/11/2001
  • Published: 11/13/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/11/2001
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1. , a kind of melting of Mg-alloy particles used for thixotropic injection moulding and working method is characterized in that adopting flux and argon gas dual concise, and master alloy control magnesium alloy chemical composition is removed Fe, Ni impurity;

  • Magnesium alloy rod is produced in low pressure semicontinuous casting under the argon shield;

    Be processed into Mg-alloy particles by magnesium alloy rod;

    Its melting technology is as follows;

    (1) will contain MgCl 242~

    48%, KCl 38~

    46%, BaCl 26~

    10%, CaF 23~

    7% solid fluxing agent adds in the crucible oven, and flux accounts for 3~

    10% of melting magnesium alloy weight, treats that flux fusing back adds the technical pure magnesium ingot, after the whole fusings of magnesium ingot, is warming up to 800~

    850 ℃


    Stir flux and magnesium liquid, make its thorough mixing, churning time is 20~

    40 minutes;

    (2) according to the trade mark of institute'"'"'s melting magnesium alloy, add Al, Zn and master alloy control magnesium alloy chemical composition, the charging basket that 100~

    150 ℃

    Al-Ti5 or Mg-Mn4 and Al-Mn4 master alloy place the titanium rod to be welded into will be preheated to, slowly immerse in the above-mentioned magnesium liquid, constantly stir, make its fusing;

    Add the weight of master alloy, account for 0.3~

    1.5% of institute'"'"'s melting magnesium alloy total amount;

    (3) liquation left standstill in airtight crucible 20~

    40 minutes, under argon shield, imposed the pressure of 0.05Mpa on the metal bath surface, made liquid magnesium alloy by being arranged on the thrust-augmenting nozzle of crucible bottom, was pressed into the stove that leaves standstill of argon shield;

    (4) be the argon gas feeding liquid magnesium alloy bottom of 0.01Mpa with pressure, constantly stir that churning time is 5~

    15 minutes;

    (5) liquid magnesium alloy is left standstill 20~

    40 minutes, under argon shield, liquid magnesium alloy after will leaving standstill with the pressure of 0.05Mpa is by leaving standstill the splitter of furnace pressure to the crystallizer top, import crystallizer by splitter again, then cast excellent ingot, 680 ℃

    720 ℃

    of pouring temperatures, ingot casting speed 30~

    33mm/sec by semicontinuous casting machine, 15 ℃

    20 ℃

    of crystallizer coolant water temperatures, hydraulic pressure 0.06~


    Above-mentioned magnesium alloy bar ingot is processed into Mg-alloy particles according to the thixotropic injection moulding processing requirement, and its granulating process is as follows;

    Earlier excellent ingot epidermis car is removed 5~

    10mm, be contained in then on the special granulating lathe and process, machined parameters is designed to;

    cutting speed 100~

    180m/min, cutting output 1.8~

    2.8mm, the amount of feed 2~


    The processing of employing inserted tool, tool orthogonal rake chip breaker R is 1.5~


    Control the granularity of Mg-alloy particles by the processing parameter that changes cutting output, the amount of feed and chip breaker;

    The Mg-alloy particles that processes is irregular rib shape body, is the Mg-alloy particles finished product through screening, magnetic separation.

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