• CN 1,382,246 A
  • Filed: 10/10/2000
  • Published: 11/27/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/25/1999
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. internal-combustion engine, wherein has a cylinder at least, and outlet valve and being used for makes live gas enter cylinder and with two stroke principle work or at each period of rotation of bent axle valve of work done (injection valve) all, injecting gas has very high pressure, be generally the 3-15 crust, compression member is separated with workpiece, gas is delivered to a collection container from compression member, and deliver to the gas exchange pipe therefrom, the fuel spontaneous combustion, perhaps (pass through glow plug, the second kind of fuel that injects etc.) light, exhaust is discharged by outlet valve, it is characterized in that, exhaust is located for 180 °

  • about bent axle greatly, usually at BBC 60 ° and

    after bottom dead center discharge by outlet valve between 120 °

    , (prior art provide be BBC 60 °

    open outlet valve, exhaust can be discharged cylinder during exhaust stroke like this, and compression keeps the top off compression), gas exchange appears near very little angle (5 °

    -60 °

    ) scope of the bent axle of upper dead center, be generally lower dead centre before this afterwards between 120 °

    -150 °

    , this moment, piston advanced 90% along this direction or upper dead center direction, for example from 10% to this, as shown in Figure 4 and Figure 5, gas exchange is just finished in the piston arrives before top dead center like this, is compression for the second time afterwards, mixture spontaneous combustion or lighted and expand.

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