Semiconductor laser device and mfg. method thereof

Semiconductor laser device and mfg. method thereof

  • CN 1,383,240 A
  • Filed: 04/03/2002
  • Published: 12/04/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/03/2001
  • Status: Active Application
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1. ridge peak waveguide type semiconductor laser comprises:

  • The bar shaped ridge is formed in the top of top covering at least;

    AndAs the insulation film of current limliting layer, said insulation film is formed on the part of the both sides that are positioned at said ridge of two side surfaces of said ridge and said top covering;

    It is characterized in that supposing the effective refractive index n of the oscillation wavelength of said ridge Eff1Effective refractive index n with the oscillation wavelength of part on each side of the both sides of said ridge Eff2Between effective refractive index difference Δ

    n be expressed as Δ

    n=n Eff1-n Eff2, the ridge width means is W. Be provided with following at least one of them, the thickness that the kind of the kind of said insulation film and thickness, the thickness at the electrode film on the said insulation film, ridge height, said top covering promptly is set and is positioned at the rest layers part of the said top covering on each side of both sides of said ridge, make the combination of W and Δ

    n be in the specific Δ

    n-W zone on the X-Y reference axis, on X-axis, draw W (μ

    m), Y-plot on X axis Δ

    n limits regional the making of said Δ

    n-W and satisfies following three relational expressions;



    W+B (1)(" a " and " b " is the constant of determining the flex point level here),W≥

    c (2)(" c " is the constant of the minimum ridge width of the described ridge of regulation when forming here), andΔ


    d (3)(" d " is by being parallel to the humorous required half width value θ

    of direction far-field pattern that swings the heterojunction boundary of structure of said laser here ParaThe constant of determining).

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