Safety valve of automobile brake

Safety valve of automobile brake

  • CN 1,392,076 A
  • Filed: 08/01/2002
  • Published: 01/22/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/01/2002
  • Status: Active Application
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1. , a kind of safety valve of automobile brake is made up of housing, valve, turnover air flue, blade wheel chamber, return device and transmission controlling mechanism, it is characterized in that:

  • One housing, it is provided with blade wheel chamber in the middle part down, and the housing outside a bottom and the blade wheel chamber is spirally connected, left end at housing is provided with brake air inlet channel, and communicate with blade wheel chamber, again with braking gas off-take UNICOM, be provided with the gas storage inlet channel and connect the gas storage gas off-take above slightly at brake air inlet channel;

    One valve is arranged on housing left end brake air inlet channel and gas storage inlet channel infall, its middle part upper and lower is provided with the criss-cross two through hole, top through hole and gas storage turnover air flue coupling UNICOM, and at the other air bleed hole of establishing of housing, below through hole and brake air inlet channel coupling UNICOM are at the other valve fixing screw that is provided with of case top valve;

    One paddle shaft, its underpart is connected with impeller, device is in blade wheel chamber, and paddle shaft is closely adorned with bearing and housing and closed, and paddle shaft one end extends through housing, its extension is near the housing place, one miniature gears is housed, and on the housing of miniature gears both sides, two locating slide rods are spirally connected, the in addition end of locating slide rod is spirally connected with loam cake and tightens up, and end, extension and loam cake are spirally connected and tighten up;

    One coordinated control mechanism, on paddle shaft miniature gears top, one has the slide bushing assembly of negative thread, is sleeved on the paddle shaft by a saddle type sliding sleeve bracket system, the top of one pushing rod is a semicircular rings, its two ends are provided with sliding eye, and sliding eye is set on the locating slide rod, and its lower end is provided with pin-and-hole and is connected with connecting pin with rocking arm;

    the in addition end of rocking arm also is connected with the rocking arm fixed mount with connecting pin;

    rocking arm fixed mount and the housing composition that is spirally connected, the valve locating dowel pin that links in the rocking arm bottom, and the rear end is provided with retainer spring;

    One return device installs right-handly at housing, and it has the gear ring of body skin of gear ring and the pinion on the paddle shaft, and pull back spring is equipped with in its inside.

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