Apparatus for making, transmitting and receiving broadcasting type quasi video frequency requested program

Apparatus for making, transmitting and receiving broadcasting type quasi video frequency requested program

  • CN 1,411,280 A
  • Filed: 11/21/2002
  • Published: 04/16/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/21/2002
  • Status: Active Application
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1. , a kind of device of making and sending and receive the broadcast type quasi video frequency request program mainly contains:

  • Video-audio program is put recording apparatus, plays video/audio signal stream;

    The programme acquisition work station, gather video-audio program put programme signal stream that recording apparatus provides and with programme signal stream by MPEG2, MPEG1, MPEG4 or H.263 standard carry out compressed encoding, form broadcast type compression program code stream;

    This programme acquisition work station also comprises looks audio compressor, the video-voice frequency flow that unpressed one tunnel vision signal and several audio signal are compressed and encoded and be fit to broadcasting to generate, this video-voice frequency flow is stored as material file, and file is carried out the time-code mark;

    The program making work station will be cut apart from the program stream of programme acquisition work station, multiplexing and insert NVOD program descriptor and dedicated segments synchronously, be packaged into again can be on corresponding network data packets for transmission;

    This program making work station comprises that also code stream splits software module, and this module is divided into plurality of sections according to time-code with video/audio code stream, and this is cut apart by following formula and is undertaken;



    G n

    2 (n-1)×

    G 1 (2) In the formula;

    M represents the time span of this program compressed bit stream before fractionation;

    N represents the hop count of desired fractionation, the highest code check R of program after its upper limit and the compression and to be available for transfer bandwidth B relevant, and N≤


    Ceil represents the operation result carry is rounded;

    G 1Represent first section time span;

    G n(1≤


    N), segment number increased progressively since 1 every section time span after expression split;

    The N value is relevant with Pgmtime length in the formula (1), needs to revise according to the result of calculation of formula (2);

    This program making work station also comprises the code stream multiplex software module, and each segment encode stream that above-mentioned code stream is split after software module is handled carries out multiplexing;

    To cut apart the good code stream section that is numbered 1~

    N according to formula (1) and (2), any segment encode stream oneself circulation connects, and forms one tunnel compression program code stream, and the cycle-index of employed code stream section is calculated by following formula in each road compression program code stream;

    G n

    2 (N-n) (3) In the formula;

    N represents the quantity by effective code stream section of formula (1), (2) acquisition;

    Which road code stream what n expression (3) calculated is, span is 1~


    G nRepresent the number of times that n road code stream will connect n program stream section circulation;

    The multiplexing algorithm that above-mentioned N road video code flow and N road audio code stream is multiplexed into one road code stream is as follows;

    Earlier calculate each road transmission code rate according to the total amount of data of each road code stream and the time span of its representative, on this basis, data are extracted in timesharing from each road code stream, and become the TS bag by MPEG2 with multiplexing transmission standard packaging in the DVB standard;

    This program making work station comprises that also special-purpose descriptor and data segment generate software module, its NVOD program to each making generates code stream identification descriptor, code stream position descriptor and the dedicated segments of this program special use, and offer the code stream multiplex software module, make it carry out adding described descriptor synchronously when multiplexing to splitting code stream;

    This program making work station also comprises standard time acquisition means, obtain international standard Greenwich Mean Time, and this time offered the special-purpose descriptor of NVOD program and data segment generates software module, be used to generate the code stream identification descriptor of each NVOD program special use;

    Memory device, programs stored is made the multiplexing program stream that work station generates;

    Broadcasting server broadcasts above-mentioned multiplexing program stream;

    Code stream re-multiplexer and Channel Modulation equipment, a plurality of NVOD program multiplexing code streams by broadcasting server output are carried out once more compound, the code stream that formation can be broadcasted in a broadcast channel, and it is carried out Channel Modulation;

    A network provides connection for transmitting broadcast type NVOD program stream;

    Terminal receiver comprises;

    The code stream filter determines to abandon this packet or the miscellaneous equipment in terminal receiver transmits this packet according to the data content in each packet in the code stream;

    The code stream analysis device, the packet that the receiving code flow filter sends, therefrom extract code stream identifier, code stream position descriptor and the dedicated segments of the special use of NVOD program, and these descriptors and data segment are analyzed, calculate, thereby obtain with the current time is benchmark, be used to reduce PID number and the total bytes of each segment encode stream of each video/audio code stream section of program, send operational order to code stream filter, bit stream buffer device and code stream reorganization decoder simultaneously;

    The go forward side by side row buffering storage of bit stream buffer device, the bit stream data bag that the operational order receiving code flow filter that sends according to the code stream analysis device sends;

    Code stream reorganization decoder, the instruction that sends according to the code stream analysis device is restored packet temporary in the bit stream buffer device and is arranged, and according to the compression standard that indicates in the code stream with the decoding of video/audio bag and play.

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