Method for brewing hydromel

Method for brewing hydromel

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  • Filed: 09/06/2002
  • Published: 05/07/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/06/2002
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1. , a kind of brewing method of mead comprises following processing step:

  • (1), the former bacterium of wine yeast is carried out the candy resurrection, formation vat yeast;

    (2), honey is diluted heat sterilization, cooling, the acid adjustment of adding acidity regulator;

    (3), the sweet liquid after step (1) gained vat yeast and step (2) the gained acid adjustment is stirred homogeneous;

    (4), the raw material that will stir homogeneous inoculates, and carries out prior fermentation after the inoculation successively, promptly before ferment, temperature is controlled between 20-22 ℃

    , time 15-20 days;

    Later stage fermentation, i.e. back ferment, temperature is controlled between 18-20 ℃

    , time 50-60 days, reaches and stops fermentation after the ripening stage;

    Add finings and clarify, get supernatant liquor, filter, seasoning is handled, and stirs homogeneous, the sealing of dress altar, old storage 3-6 is individual month under 20 ℃

    of temperature, filtering, bottling is to bottle water-bath sterilization in 65-75 ℃

    of hot water, the back adhesive label is cleaned in cooling, detects and vanning, and qualified finished product warehouse-in dispatches from the factory;

    It is characterized in that;

    Carry out following processing step simultaneously with above-mentioned processing step (1);

    Self-control saccharomyces mellis bacterium also carries out the candy resurrection, forms the vat yeast;

    The vat yeast that forms in this gained vat yeast and the step (1) is entered in the middle of the above-mentioned processing step (3) jointly the sweet liquid stirring homogeneous after also promptly common and the acid adjustment;

    In addition, in the chrysanthemum dry product;

    the ratio of hot water weight=1;

    100, the chrysanthemum leach liquor is joined in the middle of the honey in the middle of the above-mentioned processing step (2), honey density is diluted to the 7-9 degree, when being pol 28-32, be heated to and keep 5 fens clock times under 100 ℃

    of temperature, when reducing to 26-28 ℃

    , temperature adds following bee pollen after the candy processing, promptly in sweet liquid long-pending (liter);

    bee pollen weight (kilogram)=100;

    the ratio of 2-5 takes by weighing bee pollen, and under 20-22 ℃

    of temperature candyization, obtain the bee pollen after candyization;

    In the acid adjustment technology of above-mentioned processing step (2), rise the ratio that raw material adds a gram and carry out acid adjustment according to edible saccharase and citric acid are every;

    Adding the 20 honey finingss that restrain according to every hectolitre wine liquid in the clarifying process after the ripening stage stops fermentation clarifies;

    The injected volume of former bacterium of wine yeast and self-control saccharomyces mellis bacterium all by the long-pending metering of sweet liquid after the acid adjustment, whenever is upgraded to the 0.5-1 gram, decides on the height of honey reducing sugar.

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