Throwing method and system used for mfg. capsulation parts of semi-conductor

Throwing method and system used for mfg. capsulation parts of semi-conductor

  • CN 1,431,691 A
  • Filed: 01/10/2002
  • Published: 07/23/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/10/2002
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1. make the routing method that semiconductor package part is used for one kind, it is characterized in that comprising the following steps:

  • 1) preparation one is put at least one chip by the substrate film that a plurality of base board units constitute to connect on each base board unit;

    2) a routing work station that has a dozen line mechanisms and one path/short circuit mechanism at least is set, moves in this routing mechanism with the substrate film that makes this connect being equipped with chip;

    3) make this routing mechanism welding bonding wire to this substrate film a base board unit and this base board unit on connect the chip of putting;

    4) base board unit that will finish the welding of bonding wire moves in this path/short-circuit test mechanism, carrying out path/short-circuit test, and makes this routing mechanism that on the substrate film in this routing mechanism of synchronous immigration next connect the base board unit welding bonding wire of putting chip;

    If test result shows nonpassage/short-circuit state, then enter step

         5), if test result shows path/short-circuit state, then make this path/short-circuit test mechanism send one and control signal to this routing mechanism, ending the bonding wire weld job, and to this routing mechanism carry out adjusting or find out that other causes that path/short-circuit state takes place former thereby give solution, and anti-worker this be welded with bonding wire on the base board unit of bonding wire, then, repeating step


    5) return step

         3), straight each base board unit on this substrate film is all finished the welding and the test of bonding wire, promptly enters step


    And6) this has been finished the welding of bonding wire and the substrate film of test and shifted out this routing work station, to carry out follow-up encapsulation step.

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