Measurement assisting system and method

Measurement assisting system and method

  • CN 1,444,749 A
  • Filed: 06/01/2001
  • Published: 09/24/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/02/2000
  • Status: Active Application
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1. measure support system for one kind, comprise determinator and the management devices that is connected with the said determination device via communication network, support the mensuration that the said determination device carries out, it is characterized in that by above-mentioned management devices,The said determination device adopts consumables when measuring execution, given the consumables identifier of specifying these consumables in the above-mentioned consumables in advance,The said determination device comprises:

  • Consumables identifier recognition unit, the above-mentioned consumables identifier with consumables is measured in identification;

    Determination unit adopts above-mentioned consumables to measure;

    Communication unit communicates between above-mentioned management devices by above-mentioned communication network;

    Control module, the measurement result information that will include the consumables identifier that the said determination unit obtains in the determinator identifier of specifying this determinator, this mensuration determination data and the preceding above-mentioned consumables identifier recognition unit of this mensurations discern, send to above-mentioned management devices by above-mentioned communication unitAbove-mentioned management devices comprises;

    Communication unit communicates between the said determination device by above-mentioned communication network;

    Consumables are counted storage unit, and to each determinator, the quantity of the consumables that will supply with to the user of this determinator is stored as initial value;

    Residual amount identifying unit is counted the mensuration number of times that carry out the above-mentioned initial value of cell stores and above-mentioned initial value storage back according to above-mentioned consumables in this determinator, obtain the residual amount of the above-mentioned consumables among the user of each determinator;

    Supply with processing unit, carry out process from above-mentioned consumables to the user of above-mentioned determinator that supply with;

    Control module, when the said determination object information that at every turn receives from the said determination device, according to the said determination device identifier and the above-mentioned consumables identifier of extracting out from the said determination object information, make above-mentioned residual amount identifying unit obtain the residual amount of these consumables in this determinator, the residual amount of obtaining be less than fixed when several, make above-mentioned supply processing unit carry out said process.

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