Automatic audio system equalization

Automatic audio system equalization

  • CN 1,447,624 B
  • Filed: 03/25/2003
  • Issued: 07/18/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/25/2002
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. audio system comprises:

  • The source of audio signal;

    Be coupled in the signal processing circuit in said source, be used to handle said audio signal to produce the audio signal of handling;

    A plurality of loudspeaker units are coupled in said signal processing circuit, are fabricated and arrange to be used for the radiative acoustic wave in response to the audio signal of said processing to arrange around the room;

    Microphone unit is used to receive said sound wave and is used for converting said sound wave into the signal of telecommunication;

    The sound measuring circuit is used to receive the said signal of telecommunication and the frequency response signal is provided;

    Memory is coupled in said sound measuring circuit, is used to store the characteristic data signals of said loudspeaker unit and is further used for storing said frequency response signal;

    AndBalanced counting circuit;

    Be fabricated and arrange with through make said audio signal source first loudspeaker unit in primary importance causes from said a plurality of loudspeaker units first acoustic irradiation with first intensity with produce at the primary importance place first frequency response, then said primary importance cause from first loudspeaker unit described in said a plurality of loudspeaker units have less than the rising tone wave radiation of second intensity of said first intensity with produce the second frequency response at said primary importance place, response is amplified and the relatively first frequency response and the second frequency response of amplifying in proportion in proportion to second frequency;

    Come checking first frequency response automatically;

    Wherein, If it is not poor significantly between said first frequency response and the said second frequency response of amplifying in proportion;

    Then said first frequency response is effective;

    Said balanced counting circuit is coupled in said memory;

    Be used for responding when effective the said characteristic data signals of the loudspeaker unit that is associated in response to said frequency response signal and said a plurality of loudspeaker unit and the corresponding balanced figure signal to each loudspeaker unit is provided, be used for handling said audio signal for said signal processing circuit at said first frequency.

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