Chinese medicine extracting method

Chinese medicine extracting method

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  • Filed: 03/27/2003
  • Issued: 09/05/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/09/2002
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1. a method of extracting Chinese medicine is carried out according to following steps,(1) single or prescription Chinese medicine powder are broken into 60~

  • 120 order fine powders, insert in the container of boiling medicine;

    (2) according to Chinese medicine;


    the weight ratio of (0.5~

    2.0) adds water in container;

    (3) under 5 ℃

    85 ℃

    , fried in shallow oil 5~

    25 minutes;

    (4) filter extracting solution and medicinal residues excessively;

    (5) step (4) gained medicinal residues are put back in the container repeating step (2), (3), (4) 3~

    38 times;

    (6) step (4) and step (5) gained extracting solution are merged, concentrate then;

    (7) 1. characteristic is emphasis in three extractions after frying in shallow oil, and first three is fried in shallow oil, and the medicinal liquid bitter in the mouth of extraction, suffering, salty, acid have impurity, for medicinal epidermis composition, account for 15%;

    Three to fry in shallow oil medicinal liquid free from admixture, pungent taste that the back proposes little, and drug effect is higher than first three and fries in shallow oil, and concentration also is higher than first three fries in shallow oil, and for efficient medicinal ingredient, accounts for 35~


    2. characteristic is extracting the remaining medicinal residues in back dry, is ground into 120-300 order fine powder, then 50~

    100% of gained medicinal residues is joined in the extracting solution after concentrating;

    Mixing, drying is processed the Chinese patent medicine finished product then, and the medicinal residues of adding play expanded effect;

    Effective ingredient is absorbed by the body faster;

    3. characteristic is survival dose, and oral consumption is 0.1~

    3g, every day 1~

    3 time.

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