Method for producing ramification LYCD of living yeast

Method for producing ramification LYCD of living yeast

  • CN 1,480,527 A
  • Filed: 07/18/2003
  • Published: 03/10/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/18/2003
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the production method of active yeast cell derivative LYCD is characterized in that with microorganism viable yeast bacterium be raw material, after cultivating;

  • Adopt the extreme environment of its survival to stimulate respectively, cause that its metabolic mechanism changes and the protective substance of generation;

    Then with breaking yeast cellule membrane;

    Extract intracellular organic matter;

    Can be made as the additive of functional cosmetics, functional foodstuff and pharmaceutical products;

    Specifically may further comprise the steps;

    select for use the viable yeast bacterium as the bacterium source;


    the inclined-plane is preserved and is used the wort solid medium, and liquid nutrient medium uses the substratum that contains peptone, glucose, yeast extract paste, inorganic salt that is fit to the yeast growth, and all slant strains leave standstill under 28-30 ℃

    of condition cultivated 48 hours;

    culture of strains;

    slant strains →

    liquid spawn →

    liquid culture is to logarithmic phase;

    extreme environment stimulates;

    adopt the extreme environment of its survival to stimulate yeast cell respectively;

    the collection of thalline;

    the post-stimulatory nutrient solution of different modes, thalline is collected in centrifugal or filtration;

    thalline broken wall;

    Applied Physics, chemistry, biological method fracturing cell walls;

    the extraction of LYCD;

    use centrifugation or filter method and remove precipitation, the freeze-drying prods after soluble protoplasma extract or its concentrate is LYCD.

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