Artificial fog dispersal and rain falling calalyst spreading device, used on airdrome etc.

Artificial fog dispersal and rain falling calalyst spreading device, used on airdrome etc.

  • CN 1,514,067 A
  • Filed: 06/24/2003
  • Published: 07/21/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/24/2003
  • Status: Active Application
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1. , claimThe present invention'"'"'s be used to disperse fog catalyst-assembly of sowing of precipitation;

  • Utilize turbojet engine to combine;

    Be used for ground fog dispersal features such as airport, ground;

    Turbojet engine direction of rotation angle, constantly rotary-jet is adjusted the elevation angle, and motor racing enlarges projected area, the Che Shangshe combination of facilities that matches;

    Sowing catalyzer is overall plan.Accompanying drawing 1, OPS [1], control amount of fuel, air supply, electromagnetic valve, control rotary column [18] revolution;

    Rotary column top dress turbojet engine [7] and participation rotating assembly;

    Rotary power source, jet thrust or gear rotate, and rotation compressed air joint [19], source of the gas come to connect vehicle-mounted blowing plant or sending and receiving motivation " casing of calming the anger " is drawn in compressed air hose [4];

    (by solenoid control) venturi feed system device [17], the catalyzer of needs burnings input mount pad nozzle [12], spray into the barrel internal combustion after, spray barrel spout [11] with the gas-flow ejection and enter in the mist;

    Turbojet engine afterbody, spray barrel spout [11] peripheral hardware, by-pass air duct wall [10] is gone up mount pad nozzle [12] ejection, do not need combustion catalyst, hydroscopic substance, aerosol, the wet colloidal sol of suction, reduce water droplet surface tension hydrophilic substance, refrigerant sprays with inspiratory flow;

    Rotation fuel oil pipe connector [16], fuel pipe [5] is connected in rotation, and fuel oil derives from tank for gaseous or liquid substances [2] for engine fuel;

    Rotation oil, gas-tpe fitting and axle [21] sealing are that lubrication and seal ring [3] acts on, and seal isolation oil, gas are non-leakage and lubricated;

    Big capacity liquid state (need not burn) fog dispersal catalyzer fluid reservoir [25] is connected compressed air hose [4] Lu Zhongshe solenoid control, and by rotation pressure pneumatic fitting [19], on the venturi tracheae by-pass air duct wall [10], mount pad nozzle [12] sprays into inspiratory flow and sprays together and enter in the mist;

    This device can be sowed two or more catalyzer simultaneously;

    Aloft the combined vortex fuel-injection engine is sowed the precipitation catalyzer, and the catalyst combination device is sowed in 3, one inventions of accompanying drawing, one, but is the combination that matches of aircraft flight motor in the air, does not need other to overlap facility in the establishing.Catalyzer connects venturi feed system device [17] in float jar [15], the place such as be contained in the plug-in oil slick case of aircraft, by defeated pipe [13] input mount pad nozzle [12], spray in combustion gas spray barrel spout [11] or the combustion chamber, by various catalyst temperatures, as the higher temperature requirement, to establish and specialize in combustion fluid, gaseous fuel (the special tank storage dress of originating) by microtubular input mount pad nozzle [12] internal combustion, the combustion gas of spirt spray barrel spout [11] is sprayed in the cloud together;

    Or by-pass air duct wall [10], last dress is installed nozzle [12] input does not need combustion catalyst to advance in the cloud with air-flow;

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