Washing machine

Washing machine

  • CN 1,517,473 B
  • Filed: 01/16/2004
  • Issued: 04/18/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/16/2003
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1. washing machine comprises:

  • A washing machine shell;

    A urceolus that places shell holds water therein;

    The inner core that rotatably places urceolus, an accommodating laundry therein;

    An induction machine, it comprises a stator and a rotor, this rotor arrangements becomes and the excircle of stator has a fixed gap, is used to produce revolving force;

    AndA rotary transfer apparatus is used for the revolving force of induction machine is passed to inner core with the rotating speed that is lower than induction machine and in dehydration with the rotating speed identical with induction machine when the washing process;

    Wherein inner core and the coaxial rotation of the pivot of rotor,Wherein rotary transfer apparatus comprises;

    A sun gear, rotation under the effect of the revolving force of induction machine;

    A ring gear has certain intervals to arrange with the excircle of sun gear;

    A planetary gear meshes with the excircle of sun gear and the inner periphery of ring gear;

    A pinion frame is connected so that rotate through planetary rotation with planetary gear;

    A rotating shaft is connected with pinion frame, and is fixed on the inner core and passes to inner core with the revolving force with pinion frame;

    AndA clutch apparatus, the revolving force with induction machine only passes to sun gear or passes to sun gear and ring gear simultaneously alternatively;

    Wherein said washing machine also comprises a speed adjusting device, and the rotating speed that is used for the control loop generating gear is to regulate the rotating speed of washing operation of washer shaft.

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