Preparation method for producing instant-dissolving pearl refined powder by pearl hydrolyzation and denucleation

Preparation method for producing instant-dissolving pearl refined powder by pearl hydrolyzation and denucleation

  • CN 1,528,345 A
  • Filed: 09/26/2003
  • Published: 09/15/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/26/2003
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1. , the preparation method that nuclear is produced instant pearl essence is taken off in a kind of Margarita hydrolysis, it is characterized in that, is to design a cover " Margarita sieve ", and the Margarita fed batch with diameter is got in the Margarita that diameter is the different graduation of sieving;

  • Margarita is dropped into to have in " Margarita hydrolysis pit-removed machine " reaction pot guard pot of deionized water, be heated to 60-70 ℃ and

    start the high speed electric agitator, produce intensive vortex, Margarita is rushed at sudden force take off nucleoreticulum cover bucket inwall (having the shape of consulting face) Margarita and impact friction mutually, Margarita agitator with take off under the mechanical synergism of nucleoreticulum cover, nacre, come off layer by layer;

    When being subjected to mechanical shock, Margarita rubs, in reaction pot, add L-lactic acid displacement liquid simultaneously, the nacre that will come off synchronously, by physical and chemical effect, can under lower temperature, carry out acidolysis and take off nuclear, quicken the hydrolysis production process, shortened the time of L-lactic acid (or lactic acid) displacement liquid to the Margarita hydrolysis, dissociate shell angle scleroprotein in the Margarita is emitted material from exit, reaction pot bottom right, has been taken off nucleoreticulum cover bucket and has filtered and remove nuclear (tool fishy smell) decontamination;

    Again with material backspace reaction pot, add enzyme preparation therein and proceed acid, enzyme hydrolysis, obtain as (signal) various compositions as shown in the pearl component agent structure reaction pattern by technological process, especially the various nutritions that have physiologically active can be fast water-soluble, and are more not impaired through checking its content;

    The technological process of producing instant pearl essence powder according to the present invention is operated easier, obtains instant pearl essence powder " mother solution " and descends continuous operation, promptly obtains instant pearl essence powder;

    White crystalline powder, can speed water-soluble, there is not precipitation and transparent, no fishy smell, nontoxic pair of effect.

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