Intravaginal drug delivery devices for administration of antimicrobial agent

Intravaginal drug delivery devices for administration of antimicrobial agent

  • CN 1,536,986 B
  • Filed: 03/27/2002
  • Issued: 07/04/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/27/2001
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1. intravaginal antimicrobial drug delivery device, said device comprises:

  • The particle diameter of 0.64~

    25.6w/w% that its amount is said device is less than the metronidazole of 180 μ

    m, and it is dispersed in the biocompatible flexible system of the said delivery apparatus of whole formation, and said biocompatible flexible system is selected from silicone,Thereby wherein said metronidazole is arranged with certain rate of release and discharges from said delivery apparatus;

    Said rate of release is like external mensuration under sink conditions;

    The metronidazole of 1mg to 600mg during initial 24 hours;

    Said sink conditions is the active blood perfusion that effectively simulation takes place in vivo;

    And cause passing the outer experiment condition of that body of the maximum drug diffusion speed of water boundary layer in any given time, andWherein said delivery apparatus is that diameter of section is in the scope of 2.5~

    15mm and the ring of external diameter in the scope of 40~


    Said intravaginal antimicrobial drug delivery device is prepared as follows;

    the 25%w/w kieselguhr that contains of 100 weight portions is mixed as the stannous octoate curing polydimethylsiloxanepolymer polymer of filler and the orthosilicic acid n-propyl of 2.5 weight portions, form elastomer blends;

    Then add metronidazole;

    , this mixture of 200 weight portions and 1 weight portion stannous octoate will contain the mixture activation of metronidazole through being mixed;

    Carry out injection-molded then or extrude;

    Wherein said injection-molded be that final active mixture with gained is injected in the suitable mould;

    And solidified 2 minutes down at 80 ℃

    , then open this mould, shift out this device subsequently and repair.

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