Birth delivering method

Birth delivering method

  • CN 1,561,921 A
  • Filed: 03/30/2004
  • Published: 01/12/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/30/2004
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1. A kind of Birth delivering method:

  • the puerpera is admitted to hospital preceding or the back of being admitted to hospital is done conventional prenatal diagnosis earlier.Everyone issues a pamphlet and " how to give birth to a child ".Then be good with classroom form on class every day, can arbitrarily put question to mutual reference;

    Also can explain before the bed.Content comprises relevant anatomical physiology, mechanism of labor and concrete operations.Put animal produces video recording, oneself gives a birth and operate video recording in conjunction with teaching.Explanation emergency signal, SOS, operation are waited for.The explanation emphasis is psychological consultation, mainly solves " a frightening " word, in addition, also explains the benefit of oneself giving birth to.Fill in oneself childbirth application form then, expression voluntarily.The delivery room can divide single delivery room, allows company;

    The delivery room of common many National People'"'"'s Congress can have to view and emulate mutually to correlate.Ground, whole delivery room place mat cotton-padded mattress, neither too hard, nor too soft, to absorb water the moisture absorption, cotton is good, can make a square piece piece, so that change.Illumination all is contained in around the corner, upper edge, ground.Air-conditioning is arranged in the room;

    Soft stool basin washbowl is arranged, and available once-used degradeable BAIPAO foam plastics are made.Other has disinfectant, cordonnet, binder, gauze, shears, collyrium.Big room can have one or two guardians, and the distress signal button is arranged.Can soften sofa and bed in the delivery room.The puerpera just before giving birth, single room in the original place;

    Common room go to the delivery room of many National People'"'"'s Congress.The opening phase;

    the more exercise is climbed, and food and drink are drawn to sleep and followed one'"'"'s bent.Give birth to the phase;

    calm, calm.Get the position of squatting, health leans forward.Too bloated promptly the bowing of sense perineum lain prone.Feel that uterine contraction is too anxious too strong, Sheng Detai promptly bows soon and lies prone.Can take advantage of a situation and help the revolution of youngster'"'"'s head to bend and stretch in puerpera front or back if any accompanying and attending to, help youngster to take in the revolution down.Placental stage;

    fetus is given birth to, and umbilical cord wouldn'"'"'t be managed, and climbs adjourn, waits Placenta Hominis to force out, the own again or order processing umbilical cord of accompanying and attending to, fetus eye drip.

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