• CN 1,571,686 A
  • Filed: 10/16/2002
  • Published: 01/26/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/16/2001
  • Status: Active Application
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1. Dilator with high bending ability (1,1A, 1B), the loop component that is made of a plurality of unit forms tubular body, and can uphold from the inside of described tubular body in the radial direction,Described a plurality of unit (6,6A, 6B) connects up and down, thereby a plurality of described unit (6,6A, 6B) are arranged the central shaft C1 that surrounds the dilator that forms described tubular body (1,1A, 1B) and constituted loop component (4,4A, 4B);

  • A plurality of described loop component (4,4A, 4B) are axial arranged along the dilator that forms described tubular body (1,1A, 1B), and described adjacent loop component (4,4A, 4B) at least one position each other connects by one of connecting portion (5,5A, 5B);

    Each above-mentioned connecting portion (5,5A, 5B) forms by the bending section that has two arcs at least (8,8A, 8B) and the roughly line part that is connected with described bending section (8,8A, 8B) (7,7A, 7B) and constitutes;

    Wherein, 3 to 8 described unit (6,6A, 6B) are being set on the dilator direction of principal axis on every 10mm length of described dilator (1,1A, 1B);

    AndThe ratio of said units (6,6A, 6B) along the axial length (6L, 6AL, 6BL) of dilator (1,1A, 1B) and above-mentioned connecting portion (5,5A, 5B) along the axial length of dilator (5L, 5AL, 5BL) forms;

    if said units (6,6A, 6B) is 100 along axial length (6L, 6AL, the 6BL) 6L of dilator, then as benchmark, above-mentioned connecting portion (5,5A, 5B) is 50-100 along the axial length (5L, 5AL, 5BL) of dilator.

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