Micro power energy saving environment protection generator

Micro power energy saving environment protection generator

  • CN 1,588,762 A
  • Filed: 09/28/2004
  • Published: 03/02/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/28/2004
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a little electric energy-conserving and environment-protective generator comprises then ten unit of interior setting of box body shell (1) and associated, and first module generator starting drive (2) passes through K 1Be connected the VL of first module with the self-control voltage controlled oscillator (21) of the second cell voltage amplifier (3) 3Be connected the VL of first module with the current trigger oscillator (31) of Unit the 3rd 1, VL 2, VL 3Be connected with the 5th unit power supply feedback cycle device (6);

  • The second cell voltage amplifier (3) amplifies thick module (33) by excitation amplifierinverter (22) with the electric current of the 3rd unit power amplifier (4) and is connected;

    the electric current of Unit the 3rd amplifies thick module (33) and is connected with self-control current/voltage integrated treatment device (41) with the tracker (44) of the 4th unit electricity generate function processor (5) respectively;

    the tracker of Unit the 4th (44) is handled monitoring protector (12) with the 9th cell failure respectively and is connected with the 6th unit power drill/driver (7);

    Unit the 5th is connected with the 8th unit microcomputer processing display (11) with first module respectively;

    Unit the 6th respectively with Unit the 4th;

    the 7th unit energy-saving generator group (8) connects;

    Unit the 9th is respectively with the 4th;

    Unit the 8th connects, and Unit the 7th economize on electricity output input replensiher (10) is connected with Unit the 9th.

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