Motor driving method, motor driving controller, and image forming device

Motor driving method, motor driving controller, and image forming device

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  • Filed: 07/19/2004
  • Issued: 10/16/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/18/2003
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1. motor drive controller that is used for image processing system comprises:

  • CD-ROM drive motor is connected with a transfer belt directly or indirectly, drive this transfer belt according to target translational speed move;

    Detector is connected with above-mentioned transfer belt directly or indirectly, detects the present translational speed of this transfer belt, and the output detections result is as detector pulse signal;

    Control part, during image forms, with above-mentioned CD-ROM drive motor and the electrical connection of above-mentioned detector, receive above-mentioned detector pulse signal, calculate the poor of above-mentioned present translational speed and Suitable For Moving-goal Problems speed, according to the above-mentioned poor controlling value of calculating of trying to achieve, after in controlling value being controlled at the benchmark controlling value scope that colour shift can not occur, calculate the pulse repetition frequency of drive pulse signal according to this controlling value, according to this pulse repetition frequency, the FEEDBACK CONTROL CD-ROM drive motor, CD-ROM drive motor comprises stepper motor, in low log resolution occasion and the high log resolution occasion of described image processing system, described stepper motor is with two kinds of different micro-stepping excitation type of drive operations, and control part comprises;

    The first operational part according to detector pulse signal, calculates the position skew corresponding with above-mentioned difference;

    Filter section by removing the radio-frequency component of above-mentioned position skew, generates through the skew of the position of control;

    Gain section, above-mentioned through the skew of the position of control by multiply by with a gain coefficient, the calculating controlling value, described gain coefficient comprises proportional gain value;

    The second operational part by above-mentioned controlling value being added on the predefined calibration pulse repetition rate, calculates pulse repetition frequency;

    First memory is stored the program that above-mentioned control part uses;

    Second memory is stored various data that can conversion, comprises above-mentioned difference, controlling value, and pulse repetition frequency,Wherein, in described low log resolution occasion, the speed of gyration of the stepper motor that is directly proportional with the micro-stepping number increases, for the speed of gyration that prevents transfer belt changes too greatly with respect to the target speed of gyration, multiply by described proportional gain value with a predefined fixed number, this fixed number is directly proportional with the micro-stepping number, and described micro-stepping number is definite by specific excitation mode, thereby suppresses the increase of described proportional gain value.

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