Apparatus for a fork lift truck electro-hydraulic or electric steering system

Apparatus for a fork lift truck electro-hydraulic or electric steering system

  • CN 1,613,707 B
  • Filed: 11/03/2004
  • Issued: 08/22/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/03/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. Counterbalanced forklift truck has●

  • operator'"'"'s compartment,●

    front-wheel and trailing wheel, wherein trailing wheel is controlled,●

    promote support, its degree of dip is adjustable,●

    the load suspender, its height of introducing in the said lifting support is adjustable,●

    the deflector in the operator'"'"'s compartment;

    It rotates around an axle by means of a shaft part, and is coupled with an electric rotation direction sensor, and wherein deflector turns to the drift angle less than 180 °

    to the maximum of midway location both sides;

    And by fixing drg restriction;

    Wherein said deflector has bearing circle and wheel hub, also has at least two and is arranged on operating unit on the said wheel hub, that be used for regulating load spreader height and lifting riding degree●

    said electric rotation direction sensor detects the turn to drift angle of said deflector with respect to midway location;

    And according to a predetermined steering characteristic curve, by the detected turn sign of drift angle generation that turns to;

    And this turn sign offered a multiplier, wherein according to said steering characteristic curve, when deflector hour generates a less relatively turn sign with respect to the drift angle that turns to of midway location;

    And this turn sign stepping ground rises when turning to the drift angle to increase●

    be used to detect the moving velocity sensor of the speed of said loading-unloading vehicle;

    It provides a speed signal;

    And according to predetermined and characteristic curve velocity correlation, generate a factor with velocity correlation by said speed signal;

    The factor of this and velocity correlation also is provided for said multiplier●

    said multiplier is with the factor of said turn sign and said and the velocity correlation deflection angle rated value of back output that multiplies each other, and the actual value that this deflection angle rated value and trailing wheel deflect compares, and obtains an adjusting deviation,●

    positioning regulator generates a control signal according to said adjusting deviation, and the control apparatus that is used to control trailing wheel with driving is regulated the deflection of trailing wheel with the mode of electric or electric hydraulic pressure, makes it turn to the drift angle to reduce with the increase of speed.

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