Dynamic scene stimulating action computer gaming or competing method

Dynamic scene stimulating action computer gaming or competing method

  • CN 1,614,536 B
  • Filed: 12/08/2004
  • Issued: 01/11/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/08/2004
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1. a dynamic scene stimulating action computer game is applicable to the televisor recreation, it is characterized in that:

  • Described Gamecontrol system is a core control part, input, output, storage, processing, exchange and the demonstration of data, instruction, information and the picture of control display system, positioning system and kinematic system;

    Described display system shows as televisor, is used to represent the scene picture of ludic activity;

    Described positioning system is arranged on game player'"'"'s the health or on the utensil that the game player held, and is used for confirming that the player is in position that game process belongs to;

    Described kinematic system is used to form the movement locus of the utensil that the player holds, and delineates out the track of each action or utensil,The tracking control system that the track senser element system that described kinematic system is used by the user and the track sensing device system of place setting combine is formed,Described tracking control system comprises;

    Described track senser element system is the utensil that the player hands, and is a kind of signal generating source, and signal is in lasting emission state;

    The track sensing device system that described place is provided with is the signal receiving device of said signal generating source, is arranged on player'"'"'s opposite, near, press close to display screen;

    Said signal receiving device is receiving aspect the lattice position of data, and there is the ratio of certain convergent-divergent in the lattice position of the video data that shows with display screen;

    Described track senser element system;

    Be used to gather the motion trace data of player actions, the player hands described utensil in the face of display screen;

    Orientation, angle, route, speed according to virtual opponent in the display screen;

    Said utensil is carried out corresponding mobile, and according to the direction and the distance that move between said signal generating source and the receiving system, the track of the player being done the action generation carries out data acquisition;

    In data acquisition and processing (DAP), move the emission angle or the surface of emission that said utensil produces through the player, take place to overlap with orientation, angle, circuit, the speed of virtual opponent in the display screen or corresponding;

    Under the control of kinematic system and control system, carry out the synchronous operation of data, signal aspect with the electronic game plot that control system and display system control show;

    Thereby reach the signal trajectory of each action of player or utensil, under the control of computerized control system, embody game character aspect action, or the emulation of plot process aspect is interactive.

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