Operation support device

Operation support device

  • CN 1,642,842 B
  • Filed: 03/25/2003
  • Issued: 07/27/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/25/2002
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. operation support device comprises:

  • Read out instrument is installed in operator'"'"'s the operator'"'"'s compartment of construction machinery and equipment, at this read out instrument place, shows the operating process that is used for construction machinery and equipment with text and illustration at least;

    Image processing apparatus, it produces image;

    Control setup, it makes the image of the corresponding operating process of operation of image processing apparatus generation and construction machinery and equipment, and makes read out instrument show the image that is produced by image processing apparatus;

    AndThe information detection device, it is surveyed and drives and the needed information of operation construction machinery and equipment, wherein;

    Control setup makes image processing apparatus produce image according to information of being surveyed by the information detection device and operating process, and the image of image that makes read out instrument display operation process and the information relevant with construction machinery and equipment, and these images are produced by image processing apparatus,The operating process that it is characterized in that the construction machinery and equipment that shows at the read out instrument place comprises that they are complementary with the information of being surveyed by the information detection device about rising or reduce instruction, the affirmation project that will check, the inspection item that will check and the operational alarm of the front attachment of construction machinery and equipment.

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