Ultrasonic probe in body cavity

Ultrasonic probe in body cavity

  • CN 1,646,065 B
  • Filed: 04/03/2003
  • Issued: 02/08/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/17/2002
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. ultrasound probe,Have corresponding with approaching a plurality of passages respectively ultrasound wave and send reception with oscillator and tabular flexible substrate;

  • Wherein, Said tabular flexible substrate, be with respectively corresponding with these a plurality of passages, it supply with is sent signal and from taking out the holding wire that receives signal here, being the mode of predetermined angular and 1 layer or 2 laminars are set to send the length direction that receives with oscillator with this ultrasound wave;

    It is characterized in that;

    Said tabular flexible substrate, it is that each root flexible substrate that tabular substrate is cut apart and respectively cut apart by notch by the part passage is rolled into helical form respectively with gap g between substrate and forms, the wide a of said each root flexible substrate and the relation of gap g are a >


    Said tabular substrate has;

    With said ultrasound wave send receive with oscillator connect and towards with said ultrasound wave send receive first board that disposes with the identical direction of the length direction of oscillator andBe connected and be configured to become second board of said predetermined angular with said first board with said length direction;

    Said first board, the length at its two ends towards said length direction is different;

    Said second board is configured to become predetermined angular with short end of said first board;

    Said ultrasound probe is that said ultrasound wave sends to receive with oscillator and is fixed into circle and forms.

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