System and method for offshore production with well control

System and method for offshore production with well control

  • CN 1,648,465 B
  • Filed: 01/15/2005
  • Issued: 11/14/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/15/2004
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1. system that helps to carry out fluid production from pit shaft, it comprises:

  • Output control gear (46) with the subsurface safety (52) that is provided with Jet injector (64);

    Said Jet injector (64) has nozzle (66), narrow pore throat (68) and diffusing tube (70);

    Wherein power fluid is pumped into nozzle (66) downwards through oil pipe (36);

    Before expanding, power fluid continues to flow through this narrow pore throat (68) in diffusing tube (70);

    Wherein pass the mobile low pressure area that produces pumping Jet injector (64) wellbore fluids on every side of this narrow pore throat (68);

    Wellbore fluids mixes with power fluid in diffusing tube (70) and is forced outwardly entering annular space (54), and power fluid side by side acts on subsurface safety (52) through pipeline (60) and goes up to keep said subsurface safety to be in open mode, it is characterized in that output control gear (46) comprises a pit shaft parameter sensors and optionally can be arranged into the down-hole completion;

    And said subsurface safety (52) is through being used for optionally opening the power fluid pressure work of subsurface safety (52);

    Make well liquid upwards flow into Jet injector assembly (50), wherein at said subsurface safety (52) when being in closed condition, said subsurface safety (52) stops and passes flowing of valve body (58);

    Said subsurface safety (52) comprises flap valve (56), and this flap valve (56) is opened by means of the pressure of the power fluid of carrying through pipeline (60).

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