Ink jet printer

Ink jet printer

  • CN 1,652,939 A
  • Filed: 04/18/2003
  • Published: 08/10/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/18/2003
  • Status: Active Application
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1. an ink-jet printer comprises printing equipment and conveying device, and this printing equipment makes printhead move above the central portion of pressing plate along left and right directions, and the medium that this conveying device will be sent on the above-mentioned pressing plate are carried towards the place ahead on pressing plate;

  • Be provided with preheater and print heater, this preheater is in advance to heating at the medium of carrying below the mobile route of printhead on the rear portion of above-mentioned pressing plate, on the central portion of this print heater to the pressing plate below the mobile route that is sent to above-mentioned printhead, and adhere to from the medium of the ink droplet of the nozzle ejection of above-mentioned printhead and heat, it is characterized in that;

    The China ink that feeds to the printhead that sprays above-mentioned ink droplet adopts solvent inkjet ink, be provided with temperature control equipment, this temperature control equipment is controlled the preheater that adds hot media and the heating-up temperature of print heater, and making on the central portion that is sent to above-mentioned pressing plate and adhering to from the surface temperature of the above-mentioned medium of the ink droplet of the nozzle ejection of printhead is 30~

    70 ℃


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