Horizontal quenching liquid cooling fluidized bed reactor

Horizontal quenching liquid cooling fluidized bed reactor

  • CN 1,657,149 A
  • Filed: 02/16/2004
  • Published: 08/24/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/16/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. horizontal type fluidized-bed reactor that cools off with quench liquid.It is characterized in that:

  • (1) horizontal type fluidized-bed reactor, the cooling of employing quench liquid, the ratio that the quantity of its quench liquid accounts for circulation of fluid (recyclegas and quench liquid) total amount without limits, part even Zone Full that quench liquid of the present invention cools off horizontal type fluidized-bed reactor all can allow 100% circulation of fluid all to be made up of quench liquid.This horizontal type fluidized-bed reaction zone device whether need to have horizontal (level) shaft and this laterally (level) shaft quantity of whether being positioned at center, the shaft of horizontal type fluidized-bed reactor be single or many can be decided according to concrete operating mode.(2) quench liquid cools off horizontal type fluidized-bed reactor and can reactor is divided into reaction zone more than 2 or 2 vertically, realize the subregion reaction with vertical dividing plate, and solid powder can be positioned at breach below the charge level or the opening on the cylindrical shell enters the back zone by the proparea by dividing plate;

    Separated with 1 ~ 2 dividing plate between per 2 adjacent reaction zones, when adopting 1 dividing plate, the upstream side of dividing plate is that the downstream of displacement zone, dividing plate is an isolated area;

    When adopting 2 dividing plates, the downstream for displacement zone, the 2nd dividing plate between 2 dividing plates is an isolated area.Feed suitable replacement media and spacer medium to displacement zone or isolated area, the component of not wishing to bring into the adjacent area is replaced or isolate;

    Each reaction zone have oneself independently outer circulation remove hot system, reaction-ure feeding mouth, product discharging opening.

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