Modified gel cataphoretie cell in vertical chip type and application

Modified gel cataphoretie cell in vertical chip type and application

  • CN 1,661,364 A
  • Filed: 02/25/2004
  • Published: 08/31/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/25/2004
  • Status: Active Application
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1. , a kind of improved vertical chip gel electrophoresis bath and using method thereof, they comprise:

  • (i) one it has base plate and sidewall and a pair of U-shaped side opening with U-shaped rubber weather strip fringing in order to hold the last buffering liquid groove of damping fluid and top electrode, with go up the interface that buffering liquid groove is abutted against therewith as a pair of vertical chip encapsulating folder;

    (ii) each said vertical chip encapsulating folder is a upright and flat cavity of upper and lower opening that is limited by front and back sidewall and left and right sides filler strip, so that used gel media is poured into wherein, and said electrophoresis carries out therein, and the upper shed that glue is irritated folder is made into the U-shaped nick shaped usually;

    (iii) certain orders about mechanism, in order to forcing said encapsulating folder and the said buffering liquid groove of going up laterally to be abutted against mutually and to form an encapsulating folder/go up the buffering liquid groove complex, and make that breach is exposed among the formed complex on the U-shaped that said encapsulating presss from both sides;

    (iv) the following buffering liquid groove that base plate and sidewall are arranged in order to damping fluid under holding and bottom electrode, and holds said encapsulating folder/last buffering liquid groove complex;

    (v) a kind of heat absorption device, the time spent places said tiselius apparatus, the Joule heat that is produced during in order to the absorption electrophoresis, and;

    (vi) provide some to be enough to prevent from when encapsulating in said encapsulating folder, to take place the means and the method for leakage glue;

    It is characterized in that the improvement of doing comprises;

    (a) adopt a more shallow following buffering liquid groove;

    (b) assign a median septum to go up in the buffering liquid groove, the said buffering liquid groove of going up is separated into two compartments, make each compartment that a U-shaped side opening all be arranged to said;

    (c) said top electrode is installed in said going up in the buffering liquid groove and makes a kind of height of their sd sos, after consequently buffering liquid groove was located in the said buffering liquid groove down on said, said top electrode still was higher than the said upper edge of buffering liquid groove sidewall down;

    More than the common cooperation of three improvements, with regard to making another U-shaped side opening that when only carrying out the electrophoresis of a slice gel, need not buffering liquid groove in the shutoff, so just made things convenient for operation.

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