Dual hollow piston machine

Dual hollow piston machine

  • CN 1,687,592 A
  • Filed: 06/10/2005
  • Published: 10/26/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/10/2005
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a dual hollow piston machine is characterized in that, the oil hydraulic cylinder that it is interconnected by two tops (A, B), two and the two cylinders interior empty piston (A1, B1) that has only top base to form hollow with two inside walls of cylinder in the middle of contacting with two inside walls of cylinder that matches is formed;

  • Interior empty piston (A1, B1) highly is 1/3 of an oil hydraulic cylinder inwall, a water outlet is respectively arranged and have pipeline (A8, B8) to link to each other in two cylinder bottom portions, article two, pipeline is incorporated a pipeline at certain position, concourse at them has a deflection valve, two inside walls of cylinder respectively have two relative water intakes (A2, B2) apart from cylinder bottom 1/3 place, the interior switch of water intake is a mobile valve moving up and down, with water intake same level position but there is certain distance that two relative nails (A3, B3) that touch are respectively arranged, two inside walls of cylinder apart from cylinder bottom 2/3 respectively have retaining nail (A4, B4) with touch follow closely corresponding;

    In empty piston (A1, B1) bottom with touch that nail is corresponding respectively to have two water intakes of being controlled by spring sheet (A5, B5) to communicate with the outer surface of interior empty piston, the open angle of spring sheet loam cake is controlled in 30 °

    , the following corresponding flute profile iron plate (A7, B7) that respectively has in interior empty piston (A1, B1) bottom with water intake (A2, B2), its length is 1/3 of oil hydraulic cylinder inwall;

    In sum;

    during dual hollow piston machine startup work, two empty pistons are in motion one on the other, and auto-control water intake switch, change the size of the suffered buoyancy of two empty pistons, adjust the direction that they move up and down, make ceaselessly circulate moving up and down repeatedly of two empty pistons, hydraulic pressure to two cylinder outlet pipes, is discharged through common pipe.

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